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Although the marriage announcement has been out, it still surprised Baek Ji Young, when her fiancé, Jung Seok Won got down on one knee to formally propose. On May 11, Baek Ji Young held her Going Out After Seven Years concert in Jeonju during her national tour. In the middle of the concert, a surprise guest appeared on the screen, surprising both the audience and Baek Ji Young. In the video, Jung Seok Won confessed that he wasn’t able to go to her concerts during the three months they’ve been dating and promised to go see when they get married. All of the sudden, Jung Seok Won appeared on the stage, making Baek Ji Young burst into happy tears. “I came here in surprise without letting Baek Ji Young know,” said Jung Seok Won. “I really wanted to propose to her, but we were both busy that it was always words and not action. So today I asked my movie director to free up some time for me and now I’m here.” He then got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” Baek Ji Young continued to cry in happiness as she accepted his rose, saying, “Of course.” The audience began to chant “Kiss! Kiss!” and the happy couple obeyed. As he exited, Jung Seok Won asked the audience to continue loving and supporting Baek Ji Young. The couple will wed in June
@oj1992 sighs how do I find a guy who would do this for me :(
aww ... look at that super loving kiss ! May I have one too ? ; )
He's so sweet. They definitely deserve each other!!