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@InPlainSight Are You There?
Dear Vingle,
I'm having trouble locating a friend of mine on here.
@InPlainSight is his name on here.
Have you seen him?
The last time I heard from him was a week ago. I've left messages, I've tagged him, and whatnot, but still, he hasn't replied. I hope he's okay, and all is well.
I only know of one other person that lives in Australia and that's @Mattk95.
If you all see him or hear from him, please let him know that I asked about him and would love to reconnect. Miss that guy!
I ain't nobody's mama @inplainsight
2 years ago·Reply
HIlarious! Me neither @Danse!!!!! If it's true that @InPlainSight and @PlainSightsMum is the same, i feel a knuckle sandwich coming on...
2 years ago·Reply
No, son - get back to your room!
2 years ago·Reply
I can't be keeping up with all the name changing games. :[ ....
2 years ago·Reply
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