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Hello there, cupids! Only 12 (well, kind of 11) more days until Valentine's Day! :D
Today we're covering the best way to pull of that PERFECT Valentine's Day kiss. Mwah!
Now, this assumes you have a Valentine to kiss. That's always the first step. If you don't have one yet, stay tuned for how to nab a last minute Valentine (later this week as part of Cupid's Countdown!) or check out one of these cards!
Now, on to the kiss! Oh, one other thing first – I'm SO SORRY to be posting this a day late!!!! I had some stuff to take care of yesterday that totally distracted me. πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯ I'm sorry >.< so you guys will be getting TWO magnificent Cupid's Countdown cards today!!! And it'll never happen again, I swearrrrrr! πŸ˜°πŸ˜“πŸ˜­πŸ˜₯πŸ˜‚
Now without further ado, how to pull off a magical Valentine's Day kiss! :)

How to Pull Off The Perfect Valentine's Day Kiss

1. Enjoy a lovely Valentine's Day with your sweetheart. Make your manners impeccable, your attention unwavering, and your clothing, spiffy. Focus on having a great time and setting your date at ease.
2. After the meal, make sure to run to the bathroom and give your teeth a quick brush or gargle with some mouthwash. Or at the very least, chew some gum!
3. Tell your date you want to take them somewhere special.
4. Bring your Valentine to a secluded, private, and beautiful place. This could be one of any number of settings – the beach at night, a cliff overlooking the city, somewhere where you can watch the sunset, your backyard or apartment (lit up by a bunch of candles, maybe with some soft music playing and a picnic blanket set out). Bottom line: you want to view to be breathtaking.
Pro Tip: My personal favorite is the beach, even in winter, on a clear night. It's so secluded and private in the darkness, and the sight of the crystal stars in the blue velvet sky... it's simply magical.
5. Tell your Valentine how you feel about them. This can be as simple as:
"I had a really great time with you tonight. I feel so lucky that I get to spend time with an amazing person like you."
"You look so beautiful tonight. Just... wow."
Or more complex, like confessing your feelings for them. It's up to you. Just make it personal, make it sincere, and speak from the heart.
6. Go in for the kiss. Depending on your style, you might want to say something like, "I'd like to kiss you now," or "Can I kiss you?" to see how they respond. It might seem a little cheesy, but it's actually one of the lines that I think rom coms get totally right. :)
7. Now, the actual kiss. You may choose to gently place a hand on the side of their face or neck, or alternatively, take them in your arms. Whatever feels right. Then, lean in slowly. Tilt your head about 30Β° to 45Β° to the right, so your and your partner's noses don't collide. With your mouth closed, and your lips pursed (but not too rigidly), press your lips gently to theirs. Savor the moment – it's magical.
8. After this initial kiss, especially if it's your first with this person, you may want to pause to pull your face back for a moment and look into their eyes. It's a special moment, so enjoy it.
9. Depending on how you feel, you may want to continue the kiss. Try these techniques:
=> A few slow, soft gentle kisses.
=> Take your partner's lower lip between yours.
=> Test if they're ready to try French kissing by lightly brushing their lip with your tongue.
A few important tips to keep in mind:
=> Try to avoid smacking your lips too much. The noise can be distracting. I tend to prefer quiet kisses.
=> Don't crush your partner's face with your lips. Start gentle. There's plenty of time for passionate kissing later.
=> Control the level of saliva. Don't get drooly! It's gross!!
=> Don't forget to breathe! It's okay to take a little break to catch your breath if you need to.
=> Monitor your partner's body language carefully to see if they like what you're doing. There are tons of cues that you can use to modify your technique - maybe they want you to go faster, slower, look in their eyes, kiss their neck, etc. Pay attention to these signals.
10. Once you've shared an incredible Valentine's Day kiss, you can feel even more connected by taking your partner in your arms and holding them close in a tender embrace. If you have anything else you'd like to say to them (maybe you'd like to ask them to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, or to thank them for such an amazing night, or what have you), now's the time.

And there you have it :) I hope you use this information to give the boy or girl of your dreams an amazing V-Day embrace that you both remember! :D

Is anyone out there hoping to share a kiss with someone special on Valentine's Day? 😍
you're still awesome at love and relationship cards, @allobaber <3 Love reading your cards lol :3
Thanks. Killa article. Gonna test it out.
@AlloBaber SO SAD
@AlloBaber Awesome card and tips are just great! All I need is a wonderful girl.. and I doubt it's gonna happen anytime soon. So..will definitely keep this in my back pocket, just in case.. ;)
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