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Whether you're in the wedding industry or not, serving up margaritas in cute, single-serving Patron bottles, along with a tasting menu tacos (and such) on limes, you come to realize that no occasion is necessary to indulge on tequila and tacos, especially if it's on a Tuesday. Well, then you simply have to! And since my good friend @jordanhamilton is anti meat, she can get her fill on shrimp and ahi tacos!
If looking at this picture makes you go, "MEH," then you need to have a word of prayer with my other good friend, @Taijiotter. This girl don't play, and neither should you.
When you're in the midst of throwing a wedding, a party, whatever, you want to focus on eats and treats that can be made quickly, in large batches and taste amazing! That's the beauty of a margarita. Everyone knows how to make them and the ingredients are 1, 2, 3. Cookies, hors d oeuvre tacos and the like are just as perfect!
Are you going to spend the rest of your night (tonight) with a bottle of tequila?!
Thanks friend :))) @Taijiotter hehe!
@AlloBaber if I could pass them through the internet, I'd give you one!
Hahaha you got that right @Taijiotter Wish I had me a shot right now!!
@AlloBaber Thank You! You never know when it's going to be Tequila time and I'm out of the cheap stuff! Lol
Hahaha @Taijiotter I love that stashed away shot!! Man, I'm a sucker for tequila... and those mini tacos?! Adorable!!
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