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Marrakech Express–For the latest issue of Essential Homme, photographer Giovanni Squatriti leads our eyes in a stunning journey to the Moroccan city of Marrakech. Focusing his lens on Fashion Milano model Harry Goodwins, Squatriti provides striking images, where Harry’s natural charm blends with a breathtaking landscape, creating an intriguing story where fashion and the beauty of Morocco go at the same pace. Clad in Dolce & Gabbana’s summer prints, Hermès’ vitaminic colors, Emporio Armani’s luxury knits, Givenchy’s updated safari jackets and many more fashionable designs, the blond British model is styled by Gioele Panedda in the perfect summer wardrobe, that combines luxury pieces, with playful tones, comfortable volumes and desirable accessories. / Grooming by Yuri.
Beautiful photo shoots for sure!
Yeah, Marrakech location makes the shoot so much more luxurious and exotic!
No doubt! I love places that at a glance, are just vibrant and lively.