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Sup. this is my first time doing a card so any advice would be appreciated. first off my name is Tony. I live in ohio , but I plan on seeing as much of this small rock of a planet has I can. I'm 40 years old and a huge fan of comics! the first comic I've ever bought was uncanny x-men 251 when it first hit the newsstand , and have been a undercover fanboy ever since. not as big into anime and manga , but I still watch the basics like dragon Ball (z and super because to me gt was crap) full metal alchemist , bleach , ninja scroll , chocolate and yes even naruto and I don't care who knows it! but nothing will ever beat comics to me. my top 3 in marvel is captain america , namor and of course wolverine. my favorite artist is jim lee. favorite writer off the top of my head would be chris claremont. my top 3 in dc would be mr terrific , batman and tim drake robin. I'm a construction/ warehouse worker because I love to work with my hands and the add won't let me stay still for long amounts of time... anything else you wanna know just ask.
you know I forgot to add the main them to this card? haha. yeah I have a few favorite writers in comics that for one reason or another I can't think of at this point. I don't know yet. I've been thinking about Washington state but I want to use my passport real soon too! cowboy bebop was cool so was inuyasha. who's your favorite artists in comics?
Awesome!!! I'm kind a casual fan of anime as well, really loved FMA and Samurai Champlooo, fave is Cowboy Bebop for sure ^_^ Also I'm super impressed you know your artists! A lot of people skim over those names but they're the ones that bring the story to life! Sounds like you want to travel too! Any fun plans coming up?
@TonyjJohnson771 lol it's all good ^_^ I really like Kate Leth, G. Willow Wilson, and Kelly Sue DeConnick as writers. And Gail Simone of course. Right now I think Phil Noto is my favorite artist- I swear I want to get a bunch of prints of his work and just hang them all over my apartment. Every single panel is beautiful. I love David Aja too, his work on Daredevil and Hawkeye is amazing :D