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I was tagged by @jessicaacosta90 original card by @redeubelbet before I begin just know this is rated naughty so if you're not into that then please look a way
umm yes let's do this
OMFG he has really long fingers yo
oh Jiminie
Fetus what are you doing? I'm ok with it but still
I like thiss!!
doesn't he do this on stage already? not yet? well it must be in my mind then
Waits until everyone leaves the dressing room to lock the doors and fucks you hard against the wall Let me just breathe for a min
Takes you on a midnight walk through the park and fucks you under the stars Joonie I always knew you were kinky lol
Pulls you into his lap and fives you hickeys all over your neck, asking to call him daddy.. OMG this really doesn't help with the Daddy Kink
lays you down on the kitchen counter and eats you out I'm seriously blushing right now
Hahaha i lost it when you said Namjoon had long fingers... Lol..
It was a few days ago in a tweet, a video of a fan calling namjoon oppa and he was surprised @PrettieeEmm
@PrettieeEmm namjoon doe
namjoon is very daddy material btw so perfect
dream on girls Lol
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