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Yes! Mr. Cho Kyuhyun!!!
So, let's have some facts for this evil maknae ;)
He was born on February 3, 1988...
He's a brilliant mathematician...
He's amazing in musicals...and I believe he holds the record for being the idol with the most musicals under his belt...
And he's absolutely mischievous...but you know what?
Everybody loves him...especially his hyungs. I mean, have you seen his adorableness? (/.\)
Well, that's it for today folks! Until next time! :) HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYUKYU! :)
aw. he was my very first bias.
@MelissaGarza Yep! GD might go this year, but, from what I heard, he's aiming for next year instead... It's so weird though...I can't believe that 5 year old TOP is older than Kyu O.o
@GamerKyumin really? I thought GD was the eldest. I guess it makes sense now that TOP is joing the military first before the other members.
wow! I didn't know he was youngest of Super Junior.
@KaitlynHewitt Haha, me too!! :D
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