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Clap your hands!

I wanted to ask the LUVBUGS a question about Valentines Day and being single.
So much of the time we talk about finding love or losing love or what have you.
But what if all the HAPPY SINGLES out there came together for a fun night. Celebrate being single and happy over artisan drinks, delicious food and great company! Really go out of your way to make the night special, with flowers, china, catering, and the like.
Okay, maybe this is a bit over-the-top. But I think you get my point.
Would you all be open for something like that? I am!
And though I vowed to be alone in my apartment, eating PIZZA on Feb 14th, I can't help but rather spend it with other cool singles, having dinner at the W.
If you're going to be in LA on Valentine's Day and you are SINGLE and HAPPY, then hit me up! Let's chill! @ButterflyBlu you are already on the list! :)
I'm going out with a couple of my single friends for Vday all glammed up from head to toe. 馃槃 Hopefully I'll catch someone's eye (hair flip).
I have enough callouses from working out @Taijiotter. I'm not going to pluck my way to more. hahaha That's too bad that your husband is working that day. I always hated working on Sundays. UGH @JaxomB Well look at you, @Luci546 hhehehe Congrats on your anniversary. I am going to be stuffing my face AFTER I KILL IT AT THE GYM!
Yeah @Taijiotter haha I bought it a fe years ago and I'm obsessed. My best friend and I do a little duo here and there, ti's awesome!
@Taijiotter you play the uke?!
single n ready to vingle
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