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Yeah, so this is a little late, but I'm trying, @shannonI5!!! I was kind of preoccupied last night. So, some things about me! 1: I am a Huuuuuge sailor moon geek. It was my first anime, so it will always be closest to my heart. <3 2: My character Krystal is probably a Mary sue. But I like her that way. 3: I was bullied alot as a kid, and have an ugly duckling complex because of it. 4: My favorite Marver character is Bucky, My husbandu. 5: My favorite DC chararacter is Nightwing. He's my DC husbandu. 6: I'm an avid writer and am working on both a novel and a fan fiction on here. 7: I've collaborated with @shannonI5 on a fanfiction.
Here's me!! Sorry the pic is a little blurry.
haha thanks. i got it on sale last halloween. don't remember the name though...
YAY!!! Haha you're just fashionably late to the party :D :D :D and that lipstick is a great shade!