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Okay. I did a thing. It was a fun thing. I liked it. Alot...... The title was Living With BTS. I had fun. I'm thinking about changing this into an imagine.....should I?
Woof! Is it hot in here or is it just him? Just kidding. It would be fun bunking with Taehyung. We would joke around alot. It'd be fun.
Awkward! I probably would've exploded from feels in his arms if this happened.
YES!!! DREAM CAME TRUE!!! You honestly can't know just how happy I am. I knew you loved me Yoongi-oppa!
Ooh.....that took a turn. We're rooming with each other and he is my ex.........can I get a 'TENSION'?
I feel like he would be a great listener but I'd get so caught up and frazzled at the fact that he is looking at me, that I'd forget what I wanted to talk about.
Of course....but isn't he a little to awkward to be a prankster? Can you imagine it? Prankster Jin?
So should I make it an imagine?
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you should totally make it an imagine