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It all ended with a friendly selfie.

The Amber Rose and Kanye West drama has finally come to a close after hitting an ultimate climax last Wednesday when Rose released some tweets causing the ultimate twitter fad. Jokes about Kanye and anal play swept the Internet becoming the number one trending topic on Twitter for a few hours Wednesday night. However, the fight has been resolved and Kim and Kanye have assured everything is in the past.
"Kim is a mom and wants to be a role model. She doesn't want to be involved in ridiculous drama," a source tells PEOPLE. "She reached out to Amber. They met and everything is fine now."
But in case you're still curious, here's a tweet timeline:
Rose unleashed on West after he made a mistake by ripping on fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa. Khalifa's lyric, "Hit this kk and become yourself" struck a nerve with Kanye because he believed Khalifa was referencing West's wife, Kim Kardashian, however the "kk" stood for marijuana. Kanye first lashed out tweeting, "You let a stripper trap you," followed with, "You wouldn't have a child if it wasn't for me," ending with, "You own waves???? I own your child!!!!". Rose had enough so she revealed some personal information since she was West's ex after all ...

Kanye's first response after his mistake.

Rose had said in a podcast interview on "Allegedly" this past week how surprised she was at West's comments for bringing her child into the feud. "I would never talk about kids in an argument," she said. "It just shows the type of person he is. Even him saying stuff about my son, I still didn't say anything about his kids. I'm not going to. This is ridiculous. They're innocent babies. You don't ever, ever talk about a baby, ever."

But all is well.

Kim even got her selfie...And they lived happily ever after, THE END. (For Now)
This was so crazy hahah I literally couldn't believe the press around these tweets. Just goes to show where our society is these days.
it's just to cover up for Kanye West new album. so many ppl was upset with him due to his tweets and stopped following and said they would no longer support him due to him dissing amber. This is just a fake way to make amends. they probably paid amber to take that selfie so ppl will think they all are in good terms and support Kanye
@TessStevens I was thinking the same thing. With all the things going on in the world, THIS is what people care Most about? Mmmmm ok...? Lol. I do agree with Amber: keep the kids out of adult matters and have a little class ffs!!