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Cause this took way longer than it should due to my vingle app crashing. My phone didn't like how many gifs there were and how fast it was going.
This one says me roomate is.....and this time it's the baby of the group. I guess it's okay since he will be very respectful of his noona and possibly terrified of a girl in his presence all the time.
Aww hunny that's so sweet. At least you don't set the house on fire.
Okay then that escalated quickly. From what your members say it seems like this could be true.
Aww Jin you're so sweet and I love your voice.
Well dugh we be playing Mario all day every day!!!!
It has to be the orbits of our butts calling to each other Hahaha. Every man loves a booty to cuddle up to at night.
This is bad because I would have to try not to laugh at him though I'm sure me being happy will be okay for him.
I love how even the pic is of him holding the bears hand. He's so sweet talking me on walks.
Well this must happen a lot because we are roommates. Are you jelly cause Jimin is in my bed some nights?
Well yea of course Hobi does. He would want to take a million and two pictures of us.
As the resident sunshine I'm sure it would be easy for him to do this.
@CreeTheOtaku put a leash on your man. He's coming for me hard. He has 4 of them! The first three I could take cause he is adorable and cute but this one. Tame him Cree!!!!
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