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Here’s the link to the actual game! @SharayahTodd So I wasn't paying attention and deleted pictures before it was uploaded... now I had to take a long time to try and screenshot the answers I had before. gah my eyes hurt now lol. but here are my an
F(x) brings party favors. Awe you girls are so sweet.
Ravi.... he questions why I still have my Christmas tree up. we'll I'm lazy that's why lol
N eats all the food. BTW this picture kills me....cover up boy!
I don't know what a kigu is but seungri has his inside out.
Amber gets drunk... with me and we have a great time Keke drunken buddies
Ha Vixx takes over the xbox.....although I really don't have an Xbox it's ok for this lol.
Ravi why do yo u have to hide the wine? is it because me and amber are drinking up a storm?
Yes Taehyung! He suggests Karaoke and I will be the one sitting by him swooning over him lol...
Hyunseong wins karaoke.... well he's probably sober that's why
Haha Kwangmin clogs the toilet....well then neighbors were using your toilet now lol
Hyuk why would you chill in the bathtub most the night....oh I bet you ran out of there after it got clogged lol
Amber how dare you find my panic nah It's all good. :)
Hyuk...don't be afraid of the dark....I'm here lol...
Oh so this is why we put him in the bathtub... Hyuk is loud enough that the cops get called.
Minwoo you cutie! If I was a cop I'd love to talk to you. Lol
Sunggyu falls asleep first....hopefully he locked the room he's in or he's gonna have something doodled on his face.
Ravi....Ravi Raaaaavi! ahh I like you so it's totally cool that you wanna snuggle with me all night...I'd like reaaaallllly like that lol
@SharayahTodd awesome thank you lol
a kigu is a kigurumi. They are animal onsies for adults