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@InVinsybll Ok so i haven't really made a card in forever but when i saw we were talking about anime figurines i felt like i had to show these. In total i have 11 figurines all made by Funko 8 pop figures and 3 of the anime mystery box figures. These things are my babies i display them all proudly in my room and they have never left the boxes (except for the mystery box figures). They're all from hot topic some are exclusive releases and some are exclusive PREreleases but i love them all. 3 of them aren't anime though ( Earth-2 Batman, Arkham Asylum Joker, X- Force Deadpool) but they're still bad ass). My anime figures include SSJ1 Goku, Base Form Goku, Ichigo, Soul, Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian and then my ultimate favorite figures Kaneki Ken and Natsu. Some people tell me i have toomg many of these but this is just the beginning the ultimate goal is to own so many pop figures they take up an entire room in my house. I promise I'm not addicted though xD
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Awesome collection. Love the Natsu figurine~
Natsu is my favorite just slightly over Kaneki just because i love fairy tail and this is the first time you've commented on any of my cards @poojas senpai finally noticed me O.O lmao xD