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I’m so used to seeing Suga as the most badass member, I sometimes forget how he’s easily put in his place by Jin, their eldest.

Like he don’t take shit from anyone, but when it comes to Jin, he has no objections.

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😂😂 For some reason I now have a mental image of Jin putting the guys in time out by having them stand up and face the corner of a wall...
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I guess "Grandpa Yoongi" was afraid that "Mama Jin" wouldn't cook dinner for him..😂😂
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Mama Jin is so savage 😂
2 years ago·Reply
don't mess with mama jin
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i always end up with the thinking of "oh all of them probably respect yoongi"and then i realize.. baby jin is mama jin. yoongi is baby to moma jin, not the other way around o-o
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