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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 30/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
He gripped you before you could run from him, pulling you back into the hug. “I was so worried.” He cooed, “I thought Jiminie had killed you for sure!” You were confused as to why Taehyung was there until you looked around and saw the warehouse looming in the darkness. The alley had led right back to where you had started.
“Jeo-” Tae’s hand slapped over your mouth as he tsked at you.
“No, Y/N.” He warned, turning your head to Jungkook and Jimin fighting in the alley, “My little brother is busy. He’s finally home and doing what’s he’s supposed to do. Let him be.” He grabbed a fistful of your hair, nodding somewhere over your shoulder, “But there’s someone you can call out for.”
A little ways off, Yoongi stood alone, blankly staring at his hands. A running car was parked beside him, but he didn’t look like he was going to enter it any time soon. Tae grinned, swiveling you to the docks to your left, “Or..” He suggested, “You can just end everything now..? Your brother is dead. Jungkook is ours again and Yoongi doesn’t care about you.” He stared intently at where the road dropped off into the dark murky waters, “All you have to do is close your eyes and run and then..nothing. No more pain or hurt or loss, just white. That’s the best we’re ever going to offer you.”
Tae knew that Jimin was on the right track, but did not care until he realized just how much Jungkook was wrapped up in you. You were a problem and Namjoon was failing to solve it, so Tae would nip it in the bud. Trembling under his fingertips, he figured Jimin had shaken you up pretty job. His job now was almost too easy.
He grinned when you stepped towards the docks.
The grin shifted into a chuckle when you took another step.
Which shifted into a round of applause when you started running.
You were going to do it.
No one was looking. No one could stop you.
You were free.
Yoongi’s head snapped up at the sound of clapping, his thoughts interrupted. He raised a brow at Taehyung cheering and clapping and followed his line of sight to you, running like your life depended on it. Cutting his gaze several hundred feet ahead he saw jagged asphalt and nothing but crashing waves.
He hadn’t realized he was running after you until he heard his own voice screaming out for you. Yoongi almost tripped over his own feet when he saw you tilt your head back and run faster. Were you really trying to jump off the cliff? “Y/N!” He covered ground easily, your injured leg was inhibiting your speed drastically. He’d get to you in time, he was sure. He didn’t bother slowing down once he got close.
Yoongi rammed into you, crushing you against the fence, fingers looping through the chain links to hold you both in place, “What the fuck are you doing!?” He shouted, arm wrapping around your waist to throw you back against the fence when you managed to slip from him, “I’m fucking talking to you!”
“Jin’s dead!” You shrieked, “My brothers are dead! You killed my brothers! I fucking hate you! Get the hell off me, you piece of shit!” He quieted, struggling to keep you close to him as you struggled,
“I know.” He agreed, “I know, I’m sorry.”
“This is your fault!” You continued angrily, “Because you’re too much of a fucking coward to lead your own damn group! I was happy! I was happy before all of this! You ruined my life!”
“I know.”
“I hate you! I trusted you! I trusted Jimin. I trusted all of you and you’re all fucking liars and murderers and I hate you all!” You dropped your head onto his shoulder, clutching onto Yoongi tightly as you cried, “You’re all bad people..so, why did only my brothers have to die, Yoongi?”
“I don’t know.”
“They..they promised to walk me down the aisle one day..Only Jin even saw my graduation. I wanted them to meet someone and get married and maybe have kids..I wanted to be an aunt. I wanted so much for them, why did they have to die?” Yoongi blinked rapidly, cradling your head close to his,
“I’m sorry, Y/N..It’s all my fault, I’m sorry.” He whispered, “But Jin..your brothers..I don’t want you to kill yourself. Just talk to me..” He jerked back when he felt your lips brush against his. Yoongi shook his head, “Jeon is looking this way-”
“Yoongi please.” You pleaded softly, “I don’t want to talk. It hurts too much. Just let me kiss you and forget.” It had gotten Jungkook through most of his life, you were sure it could get you through this feeling now.
He turned his head from you. You were emotional and just trying to get some sort of distracting feeling from someone. You hated him, you said it yourself. “Kiss Jungkook-”
“I want to kiss you.”
Yoongi angrily stared down at you, “I kissed you how I saw him kiss yo-”
“You didn’t.” You pressed. “You kissed me how you wanted to kiss me. You held me how you wanted to hold me. You spoke to me how you wanted to speak to me. You weren’t acting like Jungkook, you were acting like yourself!” You gripped his collar, trying to pull his mouth down to yours. He felt something. You knew it. He knew it. Why was he lying to himself and you? Yoongi resisted you, his eyes mildly panicked,
“Y/N, he’s going to hurt you if I do that.” he pleaded, “Stop it, you don’t want this, what do you want from me?”
So he was still trying to protect you from Jeon?
“I want the truth.” You growled, “You feel something for me. You have to..I felt something for you. I woke up to you morning after morning for weeks. You took care of me when I got sick. You called me Jagi. We fucking held each other when we had nightmares,” You cried, “You can’t do that and not care. You actually cared..or pretended to. How could you not-”
“I feel something.” He admitted lowly, “I feel something, but I don’t know what it is and I’m trying not to get you killed before I figure it out.” He shoved your hands away, “Go to Jungkook, he’s coming this way.”
“I’ll see you again, I promise. Just go.” He shut his eyes tightly, when you refused to move. “I’m not kissing you-”
“I’ll kiss you-” You suggested.
“It doesn’t matter who kisses who, he’s going to think that I’m forcing myself on you!” He hissed. Why were you insistent on this? No matter what he did, you were going to go with Jungkook and Yoongi would be forgotten.
You shook your head, “I’ll tell him I kissed you-”
That was the worst option. You could never kiss him in front of Jungkook, “He’ll hurt you-”
“I don’t care what Jeon will do.. I just want to kiss you one last time, Yoongi.” You argued. Yoongi looked at you. So you knew. You knew Jungkook was going to sweep you away and keep you away from him and you still wanted one last kiss? After all this, that he had ultimately caused, you still wanted one last intimate moment with him? “I want to at least pretend you actually cared like a normal person. Can I at least have that?”
His arms buckled, letting you pull him closer. Despite being so adamant about not kissing you, Yoongi had been the one to cradle your face, drawing you into him. His lips parted over yours, a content sigh passing through his lips at the feel of you against him. This was the last time, he reminded himself. The last time he’d get to feel your fingers curling into his shirt and your eyelashes brushing against his cheeks. The last time he would be able to feel your heart beat out of synch with his. He pulled away, staring down at you, “Are you happy now?”
You averted your gaze from him. That kiss was different from the others. He was desperate. He didn’t want to pull away.
He was still staring at your lips..
“You’re not unsure of how you feel about me. You know..You know exactly how you feel.”
Yoongi looked hurt, “You knew this whole time..” He laughed bitterly, “You just want to worm it out of me? To make it hurt? It’s like fucking Jin hasn’t died, you’re just like him. I knew you were like him, but I never thought…I didn’t think you’d do this to me.”
“I didn’t mean to.” You told him softly, “I just wanted to know for sure. I didn’t want to believe that you were that good of a liar.”
“Well, you’re right. I miss holding you. I miss waking up to you too, I miss it all, Y/N. I don’t want you to go him, but I can’t protect you..I don’t have anything anymore. Everyone I promised to keep safe is dead. I killed your family. Now you know why I said what I said.” He replied darkly, “So go cuddle up to Jungkook.”
“Y/N!” Jungkook shouted, jogging over. His hands were sticky with blood and his heart was racing. He had seen everything, “Come here. You don’t have to pretend to love him anymore, I’m here now.” He held his arms out for you, “I’ll protect you.”
Behind you, Yoongi quietly ordered, “Go.” He nudged you forward, “I’ll come see you in a few days. Just go and act like everything is how it was before.” He locked eyes with Jungkook, the latter smiling at him,
“I’ve been waiting to finish what I started, Yoongi.”
You stepped forward, throwing your arms around Jungkook and pulling his mouth down to yours. Jungkook didn’t hesitate in averting his eyes from Yoongi to focus his attention on you. You were finally back with him. Everything was how it should be. Jeon cradled you close, feeling utterly relieved, “Jagi..” he breathed between kisses, “I love you. I thought I was going crazy without you with me…”
Yoongi sadly watched. You really were able to flip personas like Jin.
Your fingers ran through his hair, drawing him closer. One hand lifted from his hair to press against his shoulder when his mouth slid from yours to your neck. Yoongi blankly watched, he was a fucking idiot to think you actually gave two shits about him. You were manipulating him.
Jin would be proud.
Jeon’s hands slid up your shirt, mouth switching to the other side of your neck. Yoongi glared at beginnings of bruise forming on your neck. He was too rough. He was hurting you, why were you still urging him to be closer? Your eyes met Yoongi’s over Jungkook’s head buried in your neck and you mouthed for him to go.
Now he understood.
You were giving him a chance to get away safely.
But watching how Jungkook’s touching was escalating, Yoongi wasn’t sure if he wanted to leave you alone with him. You flinched at Jungkook’s teeth scraping your skin in his passion, “J-Jeon..”
“I’m sorry, Jagi.” He apologized breathlessly, hands sliding down your waist to pull you flush against him. Jungkook sighed heavily, “I love you. I’ll protect you; I can protect you, you know I can, right?”
“I know, Jeon..”
Yoongi angrily stormed away.

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