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This is just to find out which member is the most popular in Bangtan Boys. Please just comment down below only ONE BTS member in the comment section below. I will add up all the comments and put up the rankings in order on a different card. The ranking will change as more people comment over time. I greatly appreciate it if you guys would comment. Thank you so much if you do!!
I did an EXO popularity card a while back, so if you want to check that out here's the link:
And if you are an EXO-L and haven't commented on it go ahead and comment since I am still taking votes for it.

After I finish BTS I'll put up a Big Bang ranking. I'm already planning to do Boyfriend and B.A.P. sometime in the future. If you would like me to do a ranking for other K-Pop bands please comment them down below along with your bias for BTS.

Rap Monster

Kim Namjoon


Min Yoongi


Jeon Jungkook


Park Jimin


Jung Hoseok


Kim Taehyung


Kim Seokjin

Please comment down below who is your favorite member from BTS. Please only choose one member. I will only take comments that have one member mentioned. I know all of them are hot as hell but only comment ONCE and only ONE member so that it's easier for me to tally the votes. This is just for fun! Thank you for helping out. ARMY forever and keep fighting! I'll put up the rankings as soon as I get enough comments. I'll keep updating the ranks as more people comment.


I tagged everyone who commented on the card, at least I hope I did. I'm sorry if I didn't!!!! But here are the results for the ranking! Go and check it out!!!!

I have no one really to tag so I'm sorry if I tag you in this and you didn't really want me to tag you in it. I'm sorry!!! *-*
I KNEW this day would come, the day where I had to choose between Rap Mon and Kookie.... I'm sorry, but I cannot choose a side today, maybe one day, but not today. I'm not emotionally prepared.... πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”
Gotta go with my bias RAP MONSTER πŸ™Š
@Helixx it's the dimples I swear that what reeled me in for Rapmon to be my bias ><
Rap Monster. Also can you do GOT7?
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