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1. Genre - Wow, everything. It's got romance, music, comedy, melodrama, family... The only thing I don't got is some weird witch making anybody switch bodies, and no crime scenes. Sorry.
2. My main character is everything from strong and kindhearted to honest, silly, naive, and hardworking. Why wouldn't every male lead already be love with her? I've named her Park Soo-Yeon and I want her to be played by Park Bo-young. She is the adorable actress from Werewolf Boy and recently, Oh My Ghostess.
3. I have a few leading men, as you will see later in my story... who couldn't resist these 4 - Daesung, Lee Min-Ki (Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Jjin Jja Jjin Jja Jo Ah Hae), Ji Chang-Wook (Healer, Warrior Baek Dong Soo), and Taeyang. The only issue may be height - Taeyang is a little on the short side; he may have to stand on some boxes, or the other guys may have to stand in holes.
4. The second lead was a tough choice, but in the end, Yoo Ah-In made a good one for me. He's cute, a little irresistible, and incredibly handsome in a suit. For those who don't know him, he was in Fashion King, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and recently the movie The Throne which made me sob like a baby.
5. Park Soo-Yeon's best friend will be Jun Hwa-Young (Jin Se-Yoon). She was in Doctor Stranger and Bridal Mask. I don't want her to be bad bad where you hate her guts, but... manipulative.
6. Story - Park Soo-Yeon has been bff's with Lee Choi-Min (Daesung) and the other boys since middle school. The 4 guys have always wanted to be a band and have been trying to get famous. It has been years and years and even though they have gone on to school and other jobs, they are still trying to be a great band (Think Shut Up Flower Boy Band after high school but before all that other crap happened). I chose Lee Min-Ki because I know he can sing and be a charismatic band leader. Ji Chang-Wook can be a guitarist, Taeyang can play the piano, and Daesung sings and is on drums. Park Soo-Yeon has always been secretly in love with Lee Choi-Min and he has also liked her back but didn't want to do anything until he made money and could show her he was worth something. The other guys also have crushes on her too, but her heart belongs to Daesung.
Soo-Yeon also realizes that she can't just keep milling about doing nothing, so after school she gets a job in a large accounting firm and kind of that bumbling secretary that screws up in the beginning, but redeems herself by showing what a hard worker she is. This is where she meets Kim Sung-Soo (Yoo Ah-In) who is a Chaebol's son and basically owns/works in the firm. He takes immediate interest in Soo-Yeon because she's so spritely and impressive and seriously wants to marry her, not caring that her family is not so rich. She also feels a little interest toward him mainly because Lee Choi-Min is so busy with his band and kind of ignoring her. Jun Hwa-Young (BFF) is also trying to manipulate the situation because she wants to be the center of the band's attention.
At first, Kim Sung-Soo's parents did not approve of Soo-Yeon (Of course they don't - she's poor), but the father later approves because maybe she helps save one of their largest accounts. Soo-Yeon is torn between Kim Sung-Soo and Lee Choi-Min because she likes them both. At the same time, her mother falls ill and needs important surgery so the money from Kim Sung-Soo would solve that problem. Unfortunately, Lee Choi-Min is her first love (and we allll know how important that is).
7. The Title of my K-Drama is Love 마찰 (Machal) or Love Friction which is the name of the Band! I just like the picture of the flowers.
8. My drama ends with Park Soo-Yeon and Lee Choi-Min getting together because they were first loves. What drama ends with the first loves not getting together? It's gotta end with a crazy tying up of every single loose end - Mother is saved because Love 마찰 get a contract and Lee Choi-Min uses his portion of the money to pay for her life-saving treatment, BFF has to pay for her manipulations, and the other band members have to get over their crushes and meet other chicks. Taeyang being the bad boy would have multiple women to choose from.
for coming up with this, cuz this was sooooo fun!
I can't wait to read everyone else's.
Wow haha this is very detailed ^^
I was in a really bad mood today so this really helped take my mind off things.
Omg! That was fantastic!! I certainly didn't expect a whole story, and your plot was certainly covered all the drama must haves! :-D Loved all your actors too! 5 ★s!
nice I would watch it :)