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Marvel Caption Contest Winner!

Deadpool approves.

This week's caption contest was A LAUGH AND A HALF. I'm thoroughly amazed by all of you. And now, for the winner *drumroll please*

@SparkRIDE !!! Congrats ^_^

You get to pick the character we'll be captioning in the next contest!!!
Check out the winning card HERE!

Mr. Merc appreciates your sense of humor ^_^

It's been a fall-out-of-your-chair laughing week.

Of course a big round of applause for everyone who made captions this week! Reading every single one of them gave me a stitch in my side I swear XD


All of you out there going wild on those cards, we appreciate you for appreciating us ^_^

We'll be at it again soon!

We're gonna take this week off to give people time to catch up on the 29 days of Marvel, but the caption contest will be returning NEXT WEEK!!! (On the 12th, if you're the type to mark your calendar). So @SparkRIDE don't forget to pick the next character!
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cable has colossal titties
2 years ago·Reply
lol yeah it wasn't until after I submitted I realized it wasn't Collasus. Never played the game and his side view looks way different in the comics. XD
2 years ago·Reply
2 years ago·Reply
@SparkRIDE live, learn, Deadpool lol even after playing the game just a few years ago I thought it was Colossas at first glance too XP
2 years ago·Reply
Gambit and Beast never get any love DX lol Wolvie is pretty epic though xD
2 years ago·Reply