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Drake has the midas touch right now, as everything he touches turns to gold.
The companies have now realized his impact as a musician and actor and are calling for his services any chance they get.
It seems as if T-Mobile has caught wind of the influence of Drizzy as well, and decided to bring him in to star in their Super Bowl commercial.
The funny 30-second ad goes behind-the-scenes of Drake’s viral video and shows clueless corporate advisers suggesting he switch the song’s lyrics to include all the crap we hate about cell phone carriers’ terms and conditions.
This was clever and in Drake's lane. I thought the creators of this commercial did a great job, what are your thoughts? What other company would you like to see Drake do a Super Bowl commercial for?
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@ButterflyBlu "When I was your aaagee.."
@AlloBaber Did you ever watch DeGrassi?
@danidee "...that Drake boy was on high school!"
@ButterflyBlu He was rapping in a wheelchair, no less!
just gonna say it, Drake has the best dad bod and here I am working overtime to avoid the dad bod. #thisbishbroke :/ no fair!