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Winter soldier vs.... Sailor senshi? I think this would be an epic fight. I mean think about it.. the 9 senshi could wear him down with their powers, and then... sailor moon would swoop in and turn him into Bucky again!! Steve would cry, and then the senshi leave. It would be a good fight people!
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Indeed. sailor senshi would thrash hydra! (or sailor moon woukd purofy them all and make them realize whatbis better...)
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more magical girls in Marvel 2K16
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Yeeeeesss! hmm, fanfiction sailor marvel collab, @shannonI5?
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@Krystalstar22 oooh yeah that could be interesting! Wanna propose it to the group message to see who would wanna write with us?
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Good idea! i think only bubblesbis ever around. xD
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