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Your conscious awoke instantaneously when you heard the words but you kept your eyes closed, afraid to actually see if Seung-Ri was the owner of the lovely voice.
An arm wrapped around your shoulders and gently pulled you towards the warm body beside you.
“How cute.... you're sleeping, unaware of what I'm doing, dreaming of something wonderful, and I'm over here, trying to recover from the heart attack I had when I couldn't find you. I thought you'd gone home and that I would never see you again. Aishh, what am I saying?”
You bite your lip and keep your eyes shut tightly, praying that he couldn't feel your heart beating like crazy inside your chest.
“You're a beautiful girl, too beautiful almost. I felt like I was seeing an angel when I first saw you on that ladder. Kindhearted, and hardworking too. I think you make me more nervous than I make you, although, watching you get queasy is pretty damn cute too,” his chest vibrated gently when he laughed quietly and rested his cheek on top of your head.
Your eyes opened slowly enough to adjust to the light without having to rub them. Seung-Ri's jacket covered your body to keep you warm, but his arms pinned you to his own body, leaving you trapped for his own pleasure.
He tucked a lock of hair behind your ear and smiled to himself, giving you a chance to look up at him and catch him off guard when he saw you were awake.
“Aishh, how long were you awake?” he whispered shyly.
“Long enough,” you smirk, showing him your amusement.
He smiled and leaned his head back against the wall while chuckling.
“What's so funny?” you bite your lip to hide your smile.
“You heard my confession didn't you?” he looked down at you and grinned. You blush and nod. “Well, that's my secret, what's yours?”
You laugh nervously, “I don't have one.”
“Huh, I didn't know angels could lie,” he held you tighter and caressed your cheek gently.
“Why would I lie?” your lip quivered when his thumb traced your bottom lip.
“Because I make you nervous,” he smirked, making your heart melt in his embrace.
“I make you nervous too,” you whisper.
“That you do,” he leaned in closer, keeping his thumb over your bottom lip. “I never thought I'd be one who'd fall in love at first sight but now I'm believing it.”
“You're teasing,” you reply, breathlessly.
His nose touched your own, his warm breath made color bloom in your cheeks, but as nervous as you were, you could feel his heart banging against his chest through the tight embrace he held you in.
“I feel like I'd be robbing an angel of her innocence if I kiss you.”
“Maybe that angel doesn't want to be innocent anymore,” your tongue slipped out the words before you could stop them.
He snickered, “well if that's the case....” He pressed his lips against yours softly, then took the hand that was already on your chin and moved it over your cheek as he deepened the kiss into a passion so vivid, it felt like hunger for intimacy.
When you both pulled back after the long kiss, Seung-Ri's breath was rough and your face had turned bright tomato. He looked at you for a moment then looked down and shook his head with a smile growing on his face.
“What?” you manage to say.
“Normally, I would love to continue onto other things, but with you looking as you do right now, I can't bring myself to do that,” he tilt his head back to the wall, keeping the smile on his face. “I want to keep seeing you like this.... innocent.”
You furrow your eyebrows and bite your lip, “Panda oppa is such a perv.”
He laughs then leans forward and smirks, “Is that why I'm your favorite out of the other BigBang members?”
Your expression falls into a gasp, “What?”
“I overheard your conversation with that little girl, and if I heard right, you favor the Panda.”
You looked away from his mischievous face, “I don't know what you're talking about.”
“You're lying. Admit it, admit that I caught you red handed,” he teased.
“Well at least I didn't take advantage of you when you were sleeping,” you argue back.
“Oh? So this is taking advantage of you? I see.” He frowned and began to pull back his arms from you. “Well then, I-”
“I'm kidding!” you plead, sliding onto his lap and hugging him tightly.
He wraps his arms back around you again and chuckles in your ear as he rises to his feet and wraps your legs around his waist. You blush when you pull back and look at him, he pushes the hair out of your face and leans in to kiss you softly.
“You're like a protective panda wrapped around a bamboo stick,” he smirked.
“Are you calling me fat?” you tease in a hurt expression.
He laughs, “Of course not, but I do think I found my favorite bamboo stick to chew on forever.”
“What?” your eyes widen.
He sets you down on the ground but keeps his arms around you, “Ji-Yong hyung is going to be so surprised when he sees his favorite maknae with an angel like you as his girlfriend.”
“You're right, let's skip straight to marriage!” He winked with a wide grin.
“Marriage!” you exclaim, half confused and half in shock.
“Yeah, I did not mention it was love at first sight.... Did you really not believe me?” Seung-Ri began to laugh. You shook your head.
“Well, do you not feel the same?” his expression soften with concern.
“Yeah but, we just, you know.... kissed,” you breathe.
He rubbed your bottom lip with his thumb once again, “And we can continue with the kissing if you stay as my bamboo, Y/N,” he leaned in for a gentle kiss that sucked the breath out of you.
“Well, there goes my chance of going to heaven,” you say when he pulls back.
Seung-Ri rubbed your back gently and smiled against your lips, “I'll be all the heaven you need, sweet angel.”
“I thought I was your bamboo?” you snicker.
"You're right, and I'm pretty hungry right now so I guess I'll have snack," he breathed then bit your bottom lip playfully before dipping you for another kiss.
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ooh my goodness. panda is dirty! in a wonderful heart stopping, blush inducing way!!! I loved it! I can't wait for your main fix to be out, but I really liked the short novels ;_;
Tag me for more story please !
Wow ! What a story ! Its so good !
i love it i just wish it would of been longer it left me wanting more i love it so much i'm ok with this ending because it let me think of thing that could happen after this ending i really love your stories please keep tagging me on any future stories please :)
thank you for the tag omg ❤❤❤
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