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I'm just minding my own business when....
Jimin you feel attacked?! DO YOU KNOW HOW ATTACKED I FEEL EVERY TIME I SEE YOUR FACE?! STAY! IN! YOUR! LANE!! (ugh now my love/rage is off the charts...)
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You and me both. 馃槀
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@JiyongLeo, @lovetopia @catchyacrayon @KwonOfAKind @KaitlynHewitt I am at a loss for words. I'm really hoping you understand what I'm feeling right now. So rude Jimin, so rude. @KatelynSummerso I'm right there with you, girl.
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@Helixx I've priced bumper rails. they aren't terribly expensive -.-
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@Helixx I get you
2 years agoReply
hahah Jimin you can come to my Lane...ANY time. .. *wink 銋嬨厠銋嬨厠
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