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Who new frying food would actually be a good thing for your health in the long run?
According to a recent study at the at the University of Granada in Spain (via Popular Science), some foods are more nutritious for you if you deep fry them in olive oil rather than boil or eat them raw.
Here’s how Cristina Samaniego Sánchez, one of the authors of the study, views the results.
“We can conclude that frying in EVOO was the technique with the highest associated increases of phenols and can therefore be considered an improvement in the cooking process, although it also increases the calorie density of the food because of the amount of oil absorbed.”
“If the concentration of phenols found in the raw ingredients is high to start with, the overall concentration level is further increased if EVOO is employed during the cooking process, while boiling does not significantly affect the concentration levels. Boiling is recommended if the vegetables are to be consumed together with the cooking medium (i.e. the water).”
Certain vegatables like carrots when fried will see their fat content rise, but the deep frying allowed for higher levels of natural phenols in the veggies, which is great to battle against degenerative diseases.
So I guess in the case of frying food, do your research before you opt to boil, because it frying the item may be better in the long run.
I'm a sous chef. wanted to add my knowledge for a second, when it comes to frying, like a crudités method, EVOO isn't the way to go, purchasing a peanut oil is better, there are certain contents of oils that are allowed for frying. But by all means, sauteing in EVOO IS GREAT. Trying Sesame oil, drizzle over vegetables are great too. Just keep caution, all cooking oils aren't meant for frying, or it'll burn to fast and burn your food!
Makes sense! Boiling can really degrade the nutritional quality of the food (it goes out with the water).