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Sorry this isn't an update! But I am working on it, so bare with me. As most of y'all know, Why Me is coming to an end way too quickly. However, this is definitely not my last story I will ever write. I have mentioned multiple times about writing stories of other idols/groups, and I wanted to make it a vote since I can't decide. I have chosen a few (Ok more than a few) idols I would be interested in writing about. Also, I'm thinking that the runner-up will get a one shot. Who knows, maybe after I finish my second story I'll expand the one shot into something more.
Jungkook This one is pretty obvious. He is my runner-up ultimate bias after all. (for those who looked at my top 15 bias list) Chen I don't really see a lot of stories about him, and he's my bias for Exo. Mark/Jackson/Markson And by Markson, I mean that both Mark and Jackson would be involved in the story. Not like... yeah... But you can definitely vote for them separately. DK My only issue with him is that I'm not very familiar with his, or any of the Seventeen members', behavior. I don't want to write a story that people would think is too OOC. Kai Ok so technically he's my Exo bias too. I had an Exo-M bias and an Exo-K bias, but they're all together now. He's still my bias though. He and Chen just have to deal with sharing. Chanyeol Ok in all honesty, Channy is my ultimate Exo bias. Kai struck me with his dancing, Chen with his singing, but Chanyeol is just my bias. There's too many of them too choose just one. Let's be honest
Markson! yaoi....... 😳
CHANYEOL!! don't get me wrong but there's so much BTS fanfic, I love them to pieces but I'd like to read something new for a change.
markson would be great!!!
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