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So Dave and his three friend compare random words and the results are HILARIOUS.

Britney Spears is the best one though HAHAAHA

Do you pronounce any words strangely?

O_O I'm actually sort of amazed how crazy Chinese is compared to the rest. This was a really neat video.
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That was great!! hahaha! I do have words that I used to pronounce differently than most people around me, but I've gotten better with practice! Also I wonder what our accent sounds like when we speak a foreign language to a native speaker of that language. .like if I learned Korean or Japanese or Chinese and then went there, how weird would I sound to them? "Things that make you go hmmm!"
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와! 재밌네요!
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I would always mispronounce "balloon" and "pancake" for pancake I always said Pan- A -Cake and balloon I would pronounce it Barloon
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@MadAndrea omg one of my roomates was from minnesota and i didnt notice her accent until she randomly said "dray-gun fly" instead of dragon fly AHAHHAHA
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