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Anime: Shomin Sample Genres: Harem, romance, comedy, slice of life This is my first anime recommendation card! hope you enjoy it! I have seen several pictures but i have yet, to my knowledge, to see this one show up anywhere. This show was just a blast to watch and I felt great watching it! If you're not having a great week so far or if you act to watch something that's funny and entertaining, this is for you! Leaving this short and spoiler free!
Characters ^^ Number 4 is one of my favorites, she's so adorable and also very smart despite her looks. @BlackoutZJ did i find you another daughter?
Just some gifs to give you an idea 1. "GETS!" 2. You can tell what's going on lol
annnndddd I like to leave something "funny" at the end. Enjoy the rest of your day! All Vingle members are the best!! Some friends i think you'll like Tags: @qveenkvip's @RachealMacy @Slimbrown13 @nicolejb @Shinoa143 @ChelseaGarcia @hikaymm @Allobaber @belleofRay @xuannhi26 @HarrisonAlbert @SimoneSanders @marshelledgar @JayEstrella (Draw the little girl ) @Ninjamouse (I still imagine a ninja mouse every time i see you lol) Well I'm sorry if i missed anyone out or if you don't like this show
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@Shinoa143 Well well well 😂 @nicolejb and no problem! hope you like it!
@Alcides13 well well what (🌼❛ ֊ ❛„)
@Shinoa143 Look who came crawling 😂 jkjk, don't hit me
@Alcides13 you baka (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ meanie *-*
@Shinoa143 I'm nice 😂 you know