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As I stepped out of the hallway towards the audience, I felt someone grab my hand and lead me back through the same door. I looked up in surprise to find Kris leading me to a room. He peeked in and pulled open the door and drew me in, as well. He closes the door and locks it. I look up to him and I'm just enchanted by his perfomance makeup and wardrobe. He doesn't look real, he looks too perfect to be real. "Wow..." I said. He looks at me with an eyebrow raised, "Jinny?". I snap out of it and remember that he just finished his performance and I should congratulate him. "Kris, you were so amazing, you're such a good dancer and singer! No wonder you're famous." I grinned. He blushes, "Thanks...You're not too bad yourself." I looked at him confused, "What are you talking about?". "You clean up really good, I almost didn't recognize you. That dress suits you." You look at your dress, getting self-conscious, "You don't think it's to professional or plain?" Kris warmly smiles and says, "I think that anything you wear would be far from plain, in fact, I think you're gorgeous in just casual clothes." I blush and give him a cute smile. "So, what you bring me here for?" I look around and find out that its the wardrobe of the stars on the show. "I want you to pick something to wear to sneak out together, I wanted to bring you to a park near our dorm." I turn toward the rack of clothes and they all look so pretty and stylish, I turn to look at him with a face of 'can I really?', he nods. I pick a pair of black tight jeans with the knees ripped up. A tight v- neck pink tee with a overly large black see-through sweater. I turned around to find him laying down on the only couch in the room and his eyes were closed. 'I shouldn't wake him up right now, let me go change and I'll wake him up' I find a changing screen in the corner of the room and change. I walk to Kris and kneel down in front of him, 'He looks so peaceful, like a child.' My eyes trace the angles of his face and unconsciously, my hand reaches his nose and I stroke it down to his lips and I trace his lips and next thing I know, my finger is in his mouth. I gasped and locked eyes with him. His tongue was caressing my finger, 'It feels weird, but I'm not gonna lie, I kind of like it.' His hand snaked around my neck and pulled me closer to his face. His face isn't peaceful anymore, it was replaced by longing and want. He let go of my finger and he put my finger in my mouth. "Jinny-ah, can I show you what I did with your finger? It doesn't feel the same does it?" My whole body is trembling, I nod and he smiles. He slowly takes out my finger and he sits on the edge of the couch and he pulls me up by my elbows, to be at the same eye level as him, knelt down in front of him. He reaches behind me and starts to unravel my hairdo, the pins fall on the floor and my hair is let loose, he runs his hands through my hair, sending shivers down my spine. He leans forward to whisper my ear, "I love your hair loose, it drives me crazy. I love how your ears are sensitive, it's cute." **He nips my ear** and I collapse on top of him. He chuckles, "I'll show you what else I can do..." He picks up my chin and looks into my eyes. He slowly leans forward and presses his lips on mine. 'He's driving me crazy, he's going too slow.' As if he was reading my mind, he gave me open-mouthed kisses and groaned and teased me with his tongue as asking for permission to enter. My tongue met with his and next thing I knew, I climbed on top of Kris and my arms wrapped around his neck and straddled him. His hands were on the side of my face, trying to angle my face for him to gain a better access. After that, his hands laid on my hips and he tightly wrapped me and leaned back on the couch. It made me fall forwards, pressing my chest closer to his face, which he let my lips go and trailed down my neck to my collarbone with butterfly kisses. I moaned and that sound, surprised me so much, thinking it was someone else's voice, that I pulled back. Kris looked at me with clouded eyes, probably with desire. 'Jinny, what are you doing? Why are you being so easy? You haven't kissed anyone for 4 years! He's gonna think I'm like every other girl, trying to be with him for fame and money. Aisshhhh!!!!!!'. He noticed my sudden change of mood and he rubbed his face with his hands and tried to get me to stand up. "I'm sorry, Jinny. I didn't mean to take it that far." His words was like a splash of cold water in my face. 'What does he mean by that? As in, he was teasing me, like I'm not good enough, that he only wanted to just play around with me?' My face must have portrayed my thoughts that he quickly said, "I mean, I just wanted to kiss you and everything after that was way too fast and out of my control." I gathered my best poker face and said, "No, it's ok. I shouldn't have provoked you. I think, we should go. I'll text the girls to meet us at the park." His face was resigned and he nodded, he quickly crossed the room and open the door for me. I crossed the threshold and started to follow him, for a moment there was a crack in my facade, one stray tear sliding down my cheek, but I quickly swiped it away and fortified the mask; right when he turned around to look to see if I was following. *********************************************** The Park- it only takes three minutes to walk from their dorms and at least seven minutes from our hotels to the park. The guys that came was Lay, Chanyeol, Tao, Sehun. The girls came with them, laughing and talking. Kris and I were very silent and when the group came, we were relieved. I got up to talk to the girls and Kris picks up a basketball and starts to shoot. The girls were wondering where I was during the event and I told them I got lost looking for the bathroom and I met Kris and he lent me a change of clothes. They loved my outfit. The guys started to play basketball. "Hey, that's not fair, we want to play!" Tao gives me an incredulous look, "You play basketball? A shorty like you?" I look at my sister and we exchange a knowing glance and we look at him, I said, "Do you wanna see for yourself?" Tao looks at the guys like, 'this is gonna be easy'. I said, "Let's make this interesting, every missed shot, the loser will strip one piece of clothing. Whatever teams wins, the loser needs to grant a wish to the winners. CALL?" The guys start snickering and smirking, except Lay, Chanyeol, and Kris. "Since there is 5 of you and three of us, one of you will be on our team. Who will it be?" I said. They started to do rock, paper, scissors, the loser was Lay. *We do a group huddle, Lay is going to guard Sehun, I'm going to guard Chanyeol, Jasmine will guard Kris, and Julie is going to guard Tao. She confessed she's not very good at shooting, I told her to pass the ball to us. We flipped a coin to see who will go first, I picked heads and Kris picked tails. Heads win. Kris is guarding me, Chanyeol is guarding Jasmine, Tao is guarding Julie, and Sehun is guarding Lay. I start out by checking the ball to Kris and he checks it back and once I grab it, I make a three-point shot and SWISH!!! I make it and I look at Kris and his mouth is gaping open and he looks at me and I see on his face, appreciation and admiration in his expression, he mouths, awesome. "I think the scoreboard is 1-0, start stripping." I said, laughing. Tao says, "It's just beginner's luck...wait, what's the limit?" I said, " Once you have nothing on or we can stop once we reach 5 Points. Which one do you want, Tao?" I smirk, knowing full well, he wouldn't bear being buttnaked. Tao agreed to the 5 points, and took of his shirt, he had no undershirt, so all the girls appreciated the sight. Chanyeol had a white tank top underneath and so did, Sehun. Kris took of his shoes. "Kris, you got to take of your shirt!" Kris looks up at my comment and he gives me a look which makes me feel so warm. "There is no rules for which order of clothing needs to be taken off first." Tao looks at me and says, "That's right, Let's get on with the game." ******Second point goes to Chanyeol, I took of my see-through sweater and Jasmine took off her sweatshirt, Julie took off her hat and so did Lay. ******Third Point goes to Jasmine, Sehun takes off the tank top, Tao takes off his belt, Kris takes off his shirt; He has a black tee underneath, Chanyeol takes off his shoes. Scoreboard is 2-1, Jinny's team leading. ******Fourth Point goes to Jinny, Tao takes off his shoes; while grumbling about his gucci shoes, Chanyeol takes off his socks, Sehun takes off his shoes, Kris takes off black tee. Tao has on a pair of socks, pants, and boxers. Chanyeol has white tank top, jeans, and boxers. Sehun has on socks, pants, and boxers. Kris has pants, socks, and boxers. ******Fifth Point goes to Kris. Jinny takes off her shoes, so does Jasmine, Julie, and Lay. Score board is 3-2 with Jinny leading. *******Jinny's POV************************************************ OMG, their muscles rippling, flexing, and straining. I think I'm about to pass out. FOCUS, Jinny!! Jasmine's gonna snake-eyes the ball and pass it to me. Good, I got it, UhOh...Kris...his chest...I'm about to slip on my own drool. Ok, I can do this, all I need is a Lay-up. Just get around Kris. Impossible, he towers over me and he's fast, too. My body bumps and grinds against him, constantly in contact with that buff chest and his sweat making him glistening in the park streetlight. Jinny!!! Come on, You're so close to the rim. I know what I should do...my back was in front of Kris and I suddenly turn around and dribble through his legs and pass it to Lay and he makes it in. Kris looks at me, full of respect and something else. *****Sixth Point goes to Jinny, Tao takes off socks, Chanyeol takes off tank top, Sehun takes off socks, so does, Kris. Scoreboard is 3-3. **********Kris's POV********************************************** I need to win, I want her to grant my wish. Ever since we left that room, she's been distant. I screwed up, this is moving too fast, I don't want her to think I'm like that. That I'm only interested in one thing. I'm so interested in her, beyond my own comprehension. I want to know more about her, how is she so good at basketball, who hurt her to have trust issues, why doesn't she have a boyfriend? I don't really care if she did have a boyfriend, thank God, she doesn't or I wouldn't be able to control my feelings. I see her guarding Chanyeol and he's loving every second of it. Making her reach above him to grab the ball and how she's so naive and innocent to continue jumping up and down in front of him; where his eyes is focusing on something other than her face. I'm so close to make a foul play against my own teammate. Finally, Chanyeol makes the shot and SWISH!!! *****Seventh Point goes to Chanyeol, Jasmine, Julie, Lay take off their socks. Jinny takes off her shirt. ***********Chanyeol's POV*********************************** Sweet Baby Jesus, Jinny is killing me! Her face is flushed and pink from the exertion, her hair is loose around her face and her sexy body is clothed by a pink sports bra, black tight jeans, and socks. Why didn't she just take off the socks? Now everyone can see her rocking body. I look around to see Sehun blushing, Tao's eyes narrowing; either in appreciation or glaring, I don't know, Lay is avoiding her direction and his ears are red, and Kris is...Livid. Woah, what's going on with him? Jasmine takes the ball and I see Kris whispering to Jinny before I go over, "Hey, Kris the game is starting." Kris doesn't even glance at me, he just nods. Okay, then, I'll ask him later. I go guard Jasmine, but she's too fast. She is so short, how is she this good? I go to turn right where Jasmine is going and I get blocked by Jinny. Which made me lose balance and I fall forward on to Jinny and she falls back and I topple onto her. Our lips smacked so hard, that I think we both got a split lip. One of my hands, landed near her breasts. Before I could apologize, I was being lifted up by Kris. He picked her up, princess style and took her to where the benches were. The other guys asked if I was okay but were walking with Kris. I said I was ok but how was Jinny? I didn't hear her even say, "ow". ****************************************************************************************If you want to be tagged, leave it in the comments or message me. 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