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American Parents vs Korean Parents

This is really great listening practice and its really funny too!

Like they say in the beginning, this is all in good fun! They're just joking around :D

Korean Parents:

Pros - Money on holidays and you can live with them until you're financially ready to move out!
Cons - You have to work your butt off all through school.

US Parents:

Pros - Pretty laid back when it comes to most things, you have more freedom to choose your life path.
Cons - You're pretty much on your own after college!

Do you notice any other cultural differences between parents?

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@JackieMurrayCab Right! XD my mom would say the same thing or like pop me before finish the sentence . momma don't play with disrespect 馃槀馃槀
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@JackieMurrayCab my friends mom said to him once "you are never to tall for my frying pan to hit you in the head" I think she was serious too.
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Wow....I don't know what to say, but the difference between the culture really show. 馃槉馃槉馃槉It may be that each culture has their own moral values like in Korea it would be family and love....... 馃應馃挅 and in the US would be freedom and money.....馃挷馃帗 I guess everything can't be the same in this world and everything in your life guides you somewhere in the future......
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I have so much respect for Koreans and their dedication to education. Sometimes I wish the United states had the same drive...
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Korean parents sound a lot like Indian parents. They'll support you for a long time but school is #1 priority haha
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