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So I saw this beauty floating around the Vinglesphere and just had to give it a go. It's dirty nasty so continue at your own risk ;)
Rapmonie! I didn't think we were that way but hey I'm not gonna complain
Ugh, this just fuels my indecent obsession with Hobi!
He can shower with me any day but I feel like the hot water would run out real quick.
You can't force the willing, Jungkookie!
That would be perfect actually. Ugh, why aren't we really together, Hobi??
And does a sexy little strip tease? Can we just take a minute to imagine just how breathtaking such a dance would be? Dead. I would die. Sign me up!
Yes, please!
A midnight walk through the park and fucks me under the stars? Wow. That definitely sounds like a good time to me, Taehyung.
And he wants me to call him daddy? Weird...but he's a kinky guy. I can dig it. Name the time and the place, daddy ;)
And wow, eats me out? Jiminie! With those lips? It's not physically possible to resist!
Wow! Is it hot in here or is just me?'s just me, isn't it. I just love these screenshot games. Cute,dirty, I love em all! Such fun! Well, I'm off to take a cold shower!
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The last gif of jimin had me 😨