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@JamiMilsap just introduced a new challenge that I had way too much fun with :D

Make your own drama!

We're all really creative here so I know we can come up with some awesome stuff (@Maxxie12 already put together a drama I really want to see)

Here's my drama called "Star Signs"

1. Genre

Supernatural/Crime/Rom Com (Similar to Sensory Couple?)

2. My Character

Strong and independent but that makes me a little stubborn (which gets us into trouble...)

3. Leading Man/Woman

Lee Soo Hyuk

Han Ji Hyun

4. Second lead

Seo In Guk

5. Your best friend

Lee Jong Suk

6. The Story

Han Ji Hyun's family has money problems and her father (rather irresponsibly) gets involved with the mob to get a loan. When he's unable to pay them back, the Mob kidnaps her father and destroys their house.
While Ji Hyun is at the police station filing the report to look for her father, Lee Soo Hyuk lands in the middle of a police cell, blasting one of the walls down (he's an alien, IDK why these things happen)
The police assume they're working together to attack the police station, so they try to capture both Soo Hyuk and Ji Hyun. They escape but they're both on the 'most wanted list.'
Now with the cops chasing us and the Mob still hiding her father, Soo Hyuk and Ji Hyun team up to bust the Mob, save her father, and get her house back (while also trying to figure out how to get Soo Hyuk home)
They aren't exactly great detectives so they get in a ton of (hilarious) trouble along the way - thanks to sassy Jong Suk occasionally helping throw the policemen off of their path!
It starts getting tricky when Seo In Guk, the mob boss' son starts to have feelings for Ji Hyun too...

Now make your own!

Here are the directions^^
I swear Kdrama producers should really see these ideas!
@SusiBosshammer hahahahahaha honestly, i'd be fine with ANY of these guys getting the girl!
Ji hyun ends up with Seo in Guk. does ending the cruel world of second lead syndrome which if this drama existed Im sure i would have.
OMG I wish I could do it but I got a paper due in the morning so I'm sorry I can't make a card πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
@JamiMilsap Thank you!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
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