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**WARNING!!!!** **WARNING!!!!**

This card contains mature subject matter & foul language, if this is something that makes you uncomfortable please do not scroll on. **Done all in good fun** Original Card: @RedeuBelbet Tagged By: @jessicaacosta90 & @PrettieEEmm

Carries You Into His Bed At Night

Oh really now?? Need a cuddle buddy?

Sneakily Fingers You Under The Covers In The Living Room While You Are All Watching A Movie

*DIES, comes back, DIES again* Yes, just yes, all day YES! Seriously, y'all see his fingers right?

Slides Into The Shower With You And Helps You Wash Your Back And Hair

Right Hobi, just here to help me clean up.*smirks* *Takes longest shower in recorded history*

Locks You In The Closet With Him And Forces You Onto Your Knees

No force needed, hell I crawled in here.

French Kisses You On The Living Room Floor While Playing Video Games

Someone wants to play a different kind of game...

Lets You Watch Him Practice In The Dance Studio And Does A Strip Tease For You

Hobi you're playing with fire now, I won't be the only one leaving here all hot & bothered.

Waits Until Everyone Leaves The Dressing Room To Lock The Doors And Fuck You Hard Against The Wall

I tried to warn you in the dance studio, that being said I have absolutely no complaints.

Takes You On A Midnight Walk Through The Park And Fucks You Under The Stars

Suga!! I didn't know you were an exhibitionst!

Pulls You Onto His Lap And Gives You Hickeys All Over Your Neck, Asking You To Call Him Daddy

Oh my!! Jin I think I like this side of you! (I'll absolutely give in to his daddy kink!!)

Lays You Down On The Kitchen Counter And Eats You Out

*DIES happily from ovaries exploding*
*Sets phone down & walks away for a bit* Hot damn! That about killed me! Of all the games for my bias to take over it just had to be this one! No complaints, I am quite happy with these results. Only tagging 1 person because I know they're 18+ @sexylexi93 Anyone else who sees this & wants to give it a shot, go for it! As I said at the top, this is all in good fun.
@PrettieeEmm, Ikr? He's been everywhere today, cards people have put up, cards I'm working on. I got Hobi overload today & am 100% good with it. 😍😍 lol
Omg Hobie really wants you looks like you have completion @staceyholley for once its not me lol
@staceyholley its ok.. he loves you too