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Which Kind Of Introvert Are You?
I'm not really an introvert, so sometimes it's a little difficult for me to pinpoint what kind of habits introverts really have. Do they all read books? Do they really hate talking to people? Are they always staying inside all day, or is there a way to be an introvert that goes out into the world and still does what they want?
Are you an introvert? Tell me what you do that makes you that way. Do you think the Internet portrays introverts fairly or not?
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@danidee hehehe! I still need to study more, I mean I haven't practice it~~~~馃槄 I just know how to read it and some words I do understand...and for some reason, I don't know why, I haven't study~~~~馃槗 But, I do give it a little time....
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I'm introverted bit I like to ho out and do things IF its with people I know. You try to put me in a group of people I don't know and you will find me in the farthest corner trying to avoid all human contact. But if you put me in a group of people with 2 of my friends we will still probably be in the farthest corner but we will be playing yu-gi-oh and discussing the different anime we all have been binge watching.
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introverts tend to have like 2-9 friends so they aren't completely cut off from the outside world
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@Animefreak484 .... you "like to ho out"..? *snickered*
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This is actually exactly like me. 馃槀 馃槀
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