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I'm not really an introvert, so sometimes it's a little difficult for me to pinpoint what kind of habits introverts really have. Do they all read books? Do they really hate talking to people? Are they always staying inside all day, or is there a way to be an introvert that goes out into the world and still does what they want?
Are you an introvert? Tell me what you do that makes you that way. Do you think the Internet portrays introverts fairly or not?
I'm an introvert...I enjoy being alone but not being lonely if you know what I mean... I don't talk to people very much unless I know them. I love to read but I don't spend all day doing it. I like to go out and be around nature but not crowded places.
I'm an introvert and I've always hated being that way. I've tried to change it, but it's too much a basic part of my character. I actually like that the internet has given all of us "shy" and "quiet" people a place to interact with others. Just reading all these comments here makes me feel better, because it is so comforting to know that there are others out there who are just like me. Look at all these great people who in everyday life we would never get to know, but here on Vingle we've become friends with! I usually don't know what to say on most social media either, so I don't post many things, but there is something special about the Vingle community that gives you a place to express yourself and show your creativity, and feel safe anf accepted while doing so. I like it here so much and have had so much fun since I've come! Thank you @danidee for this card, and thank everyone who has commented here for being such cool people who have let us get to know you better! I don't know how the internet portrays us, but it's in these types of conversations that I am proud of all of us "introverts!" ♥♥♥
I would consider myself an introvert. I like to be alone, I prefer to do things alone, but not all the time, there are moments where if I've been in the house for too long I want to leave. I love to drive it relaxes me and I like to go old cemeteries (goth side). If I'm alone in a large group of people I don't know, I try to hide myself because it overwhelms me. But if I'm with a friend I am more comfortable. I got a lot of weird looks because when I wasn't comfortable with my surroundings I would just stand and not speak to anyone. They would talk to me and I would speak very little. And after a few times I became comfortable and they where surprised when I was talkative and somewhat funny. I've always enjoyed watching people being behind the scenes of things and not being in the spotlight. I enjoy watching other people do that.
@TurtleyTurtles Ahhh social anxiety is the worst. I hate being thrown into situations where I don't know anyone else or everyone around me knows each other and I'm kind of the outsider coming in. I love meeting people, so I would consider myself an extrovert, BUT I still get socially anxious too. I'm like, a shy extrovert lol.
lmao! This comic is totally me! I do not read. I used to in high school but college ruined all that for me. I like being alone. Social gatherings are soo stressful for me, especially if I don't know anyone. Same with conversations. I like people who talk a lot because I dont. Once in a while I do like to go out and be around other people but it's short lived....like VERY short. I'd lie in my bed all day and never go out if it weren't for that whole "humans need food to survive thing".
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