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So I love giving gifts to the ones I love that I make myself. Why? a) I feel it is meaningful for both me and the person receiving the gift. b) because it will always be one of a kind and from the heart. Don't worry I am not knocking the gifts you can buy with money because we all enjoy those too. But if you are low on cash or just want to add a little something extra special here are a few D.I.Y (do it yourself) gift ideas that work not only for Valentine's Day but any special day.

Paper Flowers

Here are some tutorials or sites where you can find to make her/his favorite flower. plus they are low maintenence and last longer than the real things (<--those are nice too). Extra hint spray them with a nice fragrance.

Photo collage/Scrapbooking

I am not so much a scrapbook error but my sister is and those are some awesome gifts to receive. I am though an awesome photo collager. Have a lot of pictures from your time together, concert tickets, movie ticket stubs, little doodles. Put them In a scrapbook for the one you love. I bet they tear up at the amount of thought you put in to show your favorite memories. To shows how much you cherish those little things and the big things with them.

Homemade Valentine's Day Card

Yes you can buy one. But I always love getting a homemade one. It touches me right in the feels. Put your own little special message or inside joke or corny saying and I bet you will even feel wonderful for making it. Plus you can get creative with it.

Homemade Sweets, Food, and Strawberries.

So I love making candy, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, and food for the ones I love. Well I included some youtube vids that can help with some glass candy, homemade chocolate, and lollipops. Here is a link to a Vingle card on how to make chocolate covered strawberries from @marshalledgar --> <----hint freeze the strawberries first. it helps keep their flavor more crisp. Making their favorite food item is always a ok in my book. who doesn't like to eat

Shadowbox those concert and Movie tickets

so this idea was taken from one of my friends. She took every concert and movie ticket she saved from her dates with her boyfriend of 9 years and did a shadowbox. It was amazing and really touching. Shared a youtube video of how to shadowbox

Make a Mix tape/Cd or playlist

I love getting a Mixtape/CD or playlist of music that makes you think of me. It just a greater way to show appreciation and love.

Write a Love Letter/Poem/Comic

Simple enough write a love letter. All the reasons you adore and love them. What you hope for the future. We also enjoy being told we are loved. why not write it down for the person you love so we can keep reading it over and over and save it. One of the best gifts I ever got was a little comic boom of our love story that he wrote out and drew. but hey we are all not artistic but we definitely can express with words.
I'm going to build some shelves my wife has been wanting, clean the house spotless, make a beautiful dinner and some chocolate dipped strawberries for my wife
I know I'm going to FREAK OUT @ButterflyBlu
Lol!! @nicolejb I'll have to post a picture for you! He gave it to me before competition a couple of weeks ago. Ahh! I love it! You're going to love it! ^_^
STOP IT @ButterflyBlu THATS PERFECT. haha I love Princess Bride
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