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Wow! Amazing! Oppa is now a certified record best seller! Number 4!! Not bad for a non-singer/ charity album! Congratulations Oppa!
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yes i think it's a reservation -- album will be released May month-end. EBAY is $20 cheaper.
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not sure @paulabautista. check your Vingle mailbox.. i sent you a private msg.
5 years ago·Reply
hehehehe...i just ordered it EBAY.COM and i will be receiving between MAY 21 to May 29.
5 years ago·Reply
mine i just bought at almost $60 dollars including shipping and handling...i don't care if its expensive as long as LEE MIN HO...
5 years ago·Reply
but even if you pre order it, it would only be available on June 4th! nah i will just wait for it in itune on May 27th...
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