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It's officially 2016, and at the end of the year, we'll be choosing a brand new POTUS. If you're anything like me and my friends, you're finally beginning to do some research, pay harder attention to debates, compare your own ideals and opinions with the candidates' various platforms. But are you like me and not completely sold on ANYONE yet?
Don't worry, we're not alone. In fact, comedy writer Ross Everett and musician Josh Neihaus seemed to have fallen into the same rut - which is why they've recently collaborated on an epic NWA parody that truly resonates with some of us undecideds.
The name? 'Straight Outta Options'.
Oh, and did I mention there's a cameo from Tay Zonday of 'Chocolate Rain' fame?
Each major candidate gets their own verse - complete with some hilarious shots fired at some of their most public scandals. (Damn, Chris Christie. You cold-blooded.)
Including Ben Carson's verse, which reminds you that one of your GOP options totally tried to stab someone before. Like physically. With a knife.
As for Donald Trump, well, I guess they needed something that rhymed with 'mogul'?
On the Dems side, we've got Hilary Clinton, the 'people pleaser' who just won't quit.
And can anyone tell me where Bernie Sanders learned his moves?
Please do yourselves a favor and check out the full 'Straight Outta Options' rap above, and tell me who YOU think wins this battle.
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@ButterflyBlu Lol totally. As a way to reach out to the youngins.
@arnelli Why not aim for world domination?! RULER OF EARTH SOFT BOTTOM??
@Sara3 Bernie definitely had the moves lol.
@JaiMarie I feel the same way! There's some candidates I prefer to others, but I don't really feel that strongly about ANY of them. Hopefully once they've selected their VPs, it'll be more clear to me.
I love how every college aged kid is so biased for bernie that they neglect what he'll actually do to get all that money and don't realize what effect it would have on EVERYONE WHO WORKS FOR A CORPORATION. Like seriously, I guarantee at least 1 in 4 people you know work for a corporation and would lose their job if the corporation was forced to outsource because of the ridiculous taxes he wants to bring. Oh, and neglect everything trump says because he's obviously a misogynistic bigot(like those are actually words) and just write it off as the "stupid things he says". Unemployment is not better since Hussein's been in office, he's just locked in a percentage of people with welfare that will vote democratic or risk losing the steady income that they get for doing nothing.