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Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS
Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung
Part: 31/? Character Profiles | Video
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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.
The entire lot was just mass of black splintered wood and marred metal. Everything he had built up over several years had burned to a crisp over one night. All the men gathered under him had scattered and the two most important people in his group were presumably dead.
Yoongi had nothing.
He had had nothing for over a month, but his desire to keep you safe had helped keep the thought that, outside of that room, his entire livelihood was gone. It was a beautiful distraction he’d admit. Waking up to you had quickly faded from an obligation to a delight and going to bed with you in his arms had made him question how he was able to sleep alone before.
But he would learn to again.
You were with Jungkook again; the small space you two had created together in that room was gone. Yoongi knew this the moment the you doubted his intent to protect you when he tried to escape with you. Jungkook would always be first to you.
He shoved over a charred pillar, angrily throwing melted and burned debris. Jungkook would always be first and it didn’t matter what Yoongi did. It didn’t matter how much he cared or how many resources he had. You’d pick Jeon. You had said it yourself, you couldn’t hurt Jungkook.
But Yoongi.
Hurting Yoongi was just fine.
He kicked at a charred first aid kick. Everything was gone. Everything he had worked for was gone.“Jin!” Yoongi whirled around, pushing over another piece of the support beams, “Hoseok!” They were his top men. They couldn’t have been bested by that lunatic Jimin of all people. They were alive. They had to be.
They were all he had.
He tripped over something, falling forward onto his hands and knees, splintered wood stabbing at him. “Where the fuck are you?!” Yoongi scrambled up, brushing off the debris from his clothes. “Jin! Hoseok!” He tripped again, not bothering to get up anytime soon. It was useless anyway.
He had started out alone and so he’d end alone.
He had been there for hours, calling out the names of two people who weren’t responding. “Maybe they are dead..” He mumbled, climbing out of the heap, only to sit just outside the perimeter of where his warehouses once stood. “Fuck..” He hissed, pulling at his hair, “I don’t know what to do.” Yoongi rocked in his seat, “What do I do?” He felt tears brimming in his eyes. He was so sure he’d do things better than Jin’s brother. So sure he was going about it the right way.
But everyone had still died.
“I fucked up..”He growled, “I fucked up again.” Yoongi took a deep breath, calming himself. “They’re dead.” He mumbled, “They’re dead.” It was simple, he reassured himself. He was alone again.
There were no more attachments.
It was just Yoongi.
It was just him.
He was alone physically; this was where he felt the most comfortable. He was safe from physical harm; he could interact from behind the curtain, but still stay safe. But he was also alone mentally, and that was what scared him. It was the detachment and longing to be connected to someone. He couldn’t have that now. He could rebuild his empire with new people and new tactics, but for what? The people he had started it for were gone. He didn’t have anything. Alone in a large city, Yoongi was just one person crouched in an abandoned lot crying over people who were never going to come back. Nowhere to go, to sleep, to eat, no money to buy anything, he barely knew anyone.
He only knew you.
“Dammit Y/N..”
There was still one attachment.
Yoongi pushed himself onto his feet, leaving the ashes of the warehouse. He’d figure something out. He always did. Heading towards downtown he kept his head down. He was close to Namjoon’s turf. Dimly lit shop lights reflected off the shimmering puddles as it rained. Hair dripping into his eyes, Yoongi quietly stood under a shop awning, watching people saunter by with umbrellas.
He had been absorbed in keeping you and him alive in that room that didn’t even know what day it was. It was cold, he noted, maybe it was wintertime. The thin long sleeve shirt and plain khaki pants he wore were drenched. He was bound to get sick out here, and with nowhere but an alleyway to sleep, Yoongi concluded that he was going to die out here. His eye caught sight of something flittering in the rain. It was s sheet of white paper, caught on the handlebars of a bike parked along the sidewalk. He paused at the familiar face printed on it.
It was you.
Yoongi shot out into the rain, grabbing at the soaked sheet of paper before it was blown away by the wind. He managed to grab at it, but accidentally tore the wet sheet in half. The half that had all the information he wanted to see was blowing away.
All he had was the photo of you and some man.
“Shit.” He cursed angrily, arm reaching out for the other half. It got caught on a telephone pole, breaking free and drifting off before Yoongi could grab it. He stared at the photo of you and the man. Nothing else useful was on the page. He wasn’t even sure why he felt like he needed to know what else was on the page. He just wanted some sort of drive.
“Do you know her?”
His head snapped to the right, glare directed at the man staring curiously at him. He was backed against a door, shopping bags and a key in hand. Yoongi blinked at him, “What?”
“The girl in the flyer. Do you know her?” The man repeated, pointing to the ripped page in his hand. Yoongi blankly stared down at it,
“Yeah..” He mumbled, “I know her.. I-”
“Do you have any money on you?” He asked suddenly. Yoongi turn to him angrily,
“What the fuck are you talking about?” He snapped, “What the hell does me having money have to do with Y/N?”
“..You do know her.” He whispered.
Yoongi crumpled the wet page, throwing it into a puddle by his feet. Did he not just he knew you? More importantly, why did this guy look familiar? He frowned,“I said that alre-”
“What’s your name?” He asked, shifting the bags in his hands. He stomped his cold feet, snuggling his chin into his warm scarf. How was he just standing there in the rain in just plain clothes?
“It depends on your answer.” He laughed. Yoongi’s eyes widened. He knew why the man looked familiar.
He was the one on the flyer.
“Yoongi. I’m Yoongi.”
The man blinked, “You’re Yoongi?” He started to open the door, still struggling with is bags. Yoongi raised a brow, the man was inviting him in after hearing his name? All Yoongi saw inside was a staircase leading upward. “Come here.” He chuckled when Yoongi took a step towards him without hesitation. “Wow, no thought at all. What if I was trying to kill you or something?”
Yoongi barely glanced at him, “I’d kill you first.” He muttered, passing by him to climb the stairs. The man struggle to remove his shoes while carrying the bags. He saw Yoongi reaching the top of the steps,
“Ah, wait the door’s locked. I got to-” He blinked at the door opening, mouth dropping, “Did you just pick the lock to my apartment?! Yoongi-” He was ignored as Yoongi strode into the small apartment.
Yoongi blankly stared into the apartment, his gaze darting between the odd furnishings to the three people seated in the living room. His shoulder dropped in relief at the sight of Hoseok and Jin, bandaged but alive. Beside them Areum rewrapped some bandages on Jin’s arm. Hoseok stood up, stumbling slightly, but rushed forward enveloping Yoongi in a hug. He had gauze wrapped around his hands and a cut on his lips, but other than that, he looked fine.
“Hyung! You’re alright!” he sighed, clutching him tightly. Yoongi’s arms slowly wrapped around him, fingers digging into his back.
“You’re alive.” He echoed. “I..I thought.” He took in a deep breath, “You’re both alive.” The man with the bags stumbled into the room, grumbling under his breath about getting no help. Areun and Jin watched him waddle to the kitchen, amused grins on their faces. He went straight to the island, the sounds of rustling plastic and clattering cans filling the silence. Hoseok pulled away,
“We heard you went to see Namjoon alone. We were coming to help you but then the fire started. We barely got out,” He looked remorseful for a moment, “I think..I think Y/-”
“Y/N is fine.” Yoongi cut in, “She’s just fine.” Jin nodded from his spot on the couch, his tense shoulders relaxing visibly. He sighed, running hand through his hair. His sister was still alive.
She was fine.
“I’d come hug you too, but I can’t use this foot.” Jin huffed, pointing to his wrapped foot, “The fire melted my boot and I think I damaged something else running away.” Jin smiled, “But I’m glad you’re okay…how is Y/N?” His face sobered. It seemed Yoongi was more informed about you than he was now.“Is she still..?”
“She’s still recovering..she’s with Jungkook.”
“You don’t sound happy about that.” Jin commented. Ever since you were brought into the conversation, something in Yoongi’s attitude changed. What had you and him been doing for the last month? And why was he alone now? “What happened?” He caught the shift in Yoongi’s eyes and grinned, “Ohh..”
“Don’t ‘Ohh’ like you know everything.” Yoongi spat, “I just..I was with her for a long time. I got caught up. It was nothing.” Jin and Hoseok were alive. Yoongi had the beginnings of his group back and you had Jungkook again. Yoongi would survive just fine. And so would you.
“Of course.” Jin smiled, “That’s good. I didn’t want there to be a problem between us.”
Yoongi tilted his head to the side, a challenging glint to his gaze,“What?”
“Nothing, nothing.” Jin cooed, “You got caught up, right?” He waved Areum in Yoongi’s direction, “Why don’t you wind down a little. Then we can all sit down and talk.”
Areum smiled at Yoongi, crossing the room to place her hands on his shoulders. He blankly stared at her, an unreadable expression on his face as she slide her hands down his chest. Her lips brushed over his cheek as she gently pulled his hand in hers. He stared quietly at her, not budging from his spot when she tried to lead him off to a back room.
He said he got caught up, but from Jin’s perspective he wasn’t exactly trying to untangle himself from whatever he had gotten into with you. It was bad enough Jin still had Jungkook to chase off, he didn’t need Yoongi crowding around you as well. However, Jin was familiar with Yoongi’s behavior. He knew that Yoongi was aware he had gotten attached and was trying to detach himself as quick as possible. He needs a gentle push, Jin decided. And what better than another woman?
You had to get credit, Jin realized, Yoongi was being particularly stubborn about you. But no matter what had transpired between you two, Yoongi was alone and you were with Jungkook.
Yoongi had lost.
He just needed to be reminded of it.
Jin raised a brow at the scene, but calmly rested his head in his hand, softly asking, “So how happy were Jungkook and Y/N to see each other..?”
He smiled smugly when Yoongi started to follow Areum.

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