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Korean 101: Valentine's Day Vocabulary

In Korea, Valentine's Day works a little differently.

Girls give guys chocolate! It's the girl's day to confess!

March 14 is when guys return the favor by giving girls candy :D

Either way, it's nice to know some sweet words to say:

사랑해요 - I love you


너 좋아해요 - I like you

(neo joh-ah-hae-yo)

내 마음이 알아요? - Do you know my heart (my feelings?)

(nae mah-eum-ee ah-rah-yo?)

해피 발렌타인데이! - Happy Valentine's Day!

(hae-pi bal-len-ta-een-deh-ee)

For more ideas:

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How to Get Someone's Number ;D


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Makes me remember how I messed up with a korean guy ㅠㅠ
2 years ago·Reply
해피 발렌타인데이! Happy Valentine's Day
2 years ago·Reply
love it... thanks for all the tags.... 😄
2 years ago·Reply
this is awesome!! thanks for the card on this! I was able to use it when writing in my Valentine's card for my boyfriend.
2 years ago·Reply