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Like it says this is mature so don't look if you're not into it or old enough. Link to original
Well with those shoulders of his I'm sure he could carry me to the moon.
You into some freaky ish hunny. (Finally got some decent amount of Suga on this game)
Oh my Jimin, I don't think you're helping me wash myself though knowing you.
Don't give me that look. You're the one who locked me in there with you. What did you expect some half ass performance?
Boy I am trying to play video games if you could get off me. Koko get your man!
Just don't trip over your own feet while you try. I would laugh at you so hard and not feel bad.
My man getting it in!!!!!!
Oh really now Jin. We gunna play that game? You trying to take me from Suga?
Well it looks like he found out what happened with myself and Jin. He wants to make sure Jin knows. Though I ain't calling you daddy you're younger than me.
Well I won't ever try to leave you again then love. If you're gunna do all that then I'm won even more than I was. Is it getting hot in here or is it me? Yoongi pushing hard on them feels I already have for him gotdam.
My results... OMFG... my results.... I'm making the card now. @MadAndrea @SugaOnTop @LaurenDimalanta
@SugaOnTop sooooo TaeTae has decided to be a very naughty boy to his noona... 馃槸At least Jin was in the kitchen where he belonged 馃槅
phew girl you got your man...but dddaayyuumm that was steamy
well that escalated quickly
@CreeTheOtaku yeah i think ill post my results
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