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WARNING: Mature, gang related content

I open my eyes for a moment and they droop shut again. I’m in such a deep sleep; I’m not ready to wake up. I readjust my body a little and get comfortable again. Unexpectedly, I feel someone’s arm tighten around my body, pulling me closer to them.

I internally freak out a little, rolling over slightly to look behind me and I’m met with a man’s sturdy chest. Before I can even think to get up he pulls me to him and I’m pressed against him so close I can't even look up to see his face. What the hell, for someone who’s asleep he’s strong, I seriously can’t push him off.

“Hey. Wake up.”

“Hmmm.” He just stirs a little, moaning quietly in his sleep.

“Hey! Get up!”

I feel him jump slightly, and then he pushes himself up and puts distance between us. “Seunghye! Why am I in bed with you!”

I look up and see the shocked face of Youngjae, his eyes are wide and I swear he’s not breathing. “You...” damn I’m drawing a blank. My mind just woke up and I can barely think.

He doesn’t waste a moment and gets out of bed, he looks panicked, “What did I do? Did I do something? I don’t remember anything after hugging you.”

I sit up. “Calm down!” That’s right he was crying. “You didn’t do anything, you passed out last night from crying. You wouldn’t stop whining in your sleep so I lied down next to you and held you until you relaxed. Which you did, but I must have fallen asleep too.”

His face softens and he sighs in relief, putting his hand on his chest. “Oh thank god. I was crying hard enough to pass out? That’s so embarrassing, sorry you had to deal with that.” He looks away rubbing his hand on the back of his neck. “Must have been 4 years’ worth of bottled up emotion that just poured out.”

“It’s okay. I'm actually a little glad that you allowed yourself to go along with those feelings. Evidently you needed that. Plus, it showed,” He’s watching me so intently that I feel myself blush a little. “It showed me how much you cared about me.”

His face reddens, apparently we’re taking turns blushing. “Well, I do care about you. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. You spend time with me and talk with me, you’re really nice, and you haven't made me feel like I'm a bad guy because of what I do for a living. That all amazes me. In my mind, I know that you’re only here because you’re being forced to, but my heart won’t listen. Sounds cheesy, huh?”

“You’re not cheesy, I believe you and that’s actually very sweet.”

“You’re too nice to me.”

I giggle. "Yeah, probably. But the heart wants what the heart wants; I can’t hold your feelings against you.”

He sits on the edge of the bed and falls backwards, leaving his eyes closed as he sighs. “I guess you’re right.” He slowly opens them and looks up at me. His eyes are so dark, but they have a bright quality to them.

“Can I change the subject to something a little more serious?”

“Of course.”

“Yesterday Daehyun was saying my brother was a traitor. Is that true? What did he do?”

He sighs forcibly as though he wishes this never came up and doesn’t want to tell me. “Damn it, Daehyun. You really want to know? I can’t talk you out of this?”

“I have to know Youngjae.”

“Okay, but it’s long. And don’t be too upset.”

“Please.” I’m determined to know as much about who my brother is outside of family get togethers. He’s not who I thought he was and I need to know as much as I can. Even if I regret ever asking.

@CrystalGuerra @drummergirl691 @emhoover1993 @MsLoyalHeart @ZitaMahoney @StephanieDuong I might spoil you all and give you another part today lol I have may one ready later and I hate to wait to post them >_< But I also love to keep you in suspense...
@StephanieDuong @ZitaMahoney @MsLoyalHeart 😶 you guys are so nice! Thank you for reading my story 😄 it makes me seriously happy people like it! I apologize for the cliffhanger but I figured a short update was better than making you guys wait a day lol maybe not
@MadAndrea Do it at your own pace!! we will be waiting here for you! haha. 😂
No joke, I was literally SHOUTING "NOOOOOO!!!!" because this part ended on a cliffhanger! 😂 This is so good! I still cannot believe the talent you have with creating such an interesting story!!! I can't wait til the next part! 😁
I want to know whats going on with her brother. Why isnt he calling!??
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