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your relationship thrives through face time and snapchat. He tells you how much he wishes you could be with him and how exciting but exhausting promoting is
dating him is like dating rest of the group. They love interrupting your face times but it's usually hilarious so you don't care
Minhyuk is especially one to lurk around Jooheon's camera. He's like the peacemaker when you two fight because he knows the most about your relationship. He's there to remind you that the distance maybe be tough but you two love each other enough to push through it
he saves his best aegyo for you
he loves showing off to you that he's meet some of your favorite idols
you're the first person he shows his new raps to and you love how in to it he gets. He's very talented and that's one of the things that attracts you to him
no matter how busy his day gets, you're always on his mind. He worries about you and misses you
on the days he reaalllllyy misses you he pretends the other members are you and gets anxious for events to end so he can call you or snap you
when he's finally with you in person he's usually very tired, which you understand, but he still does his best to make the most out of the time you have together