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I know a lot of people think that Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion is the ultimate best girl, and I have to agree that she is great....but I didn't really get why she would be waifu material. So for Waifu Wendesday, I thought I'd post some stuff about her!!

At first, Rei is.....well, she's basically a doll.

Her personality type in the original anime is basically emotionless and submissive, which was popular in anime at that time, but in real life, that really wouldn't work! Unless you a pet instead of a waifu, but that seems....well you do you??? I won't judge, but I don't want an emotionless doll I can control, lol.

Later on, though, she actually becomes a character with some substance to their personality!

I'm referring to like, Rebuild of Evangelion time period here. NGE Rei is just awful (sorry!!!!) but Rebuild Rei is alright. She is an actual real girl with aspirations and curiosities, and an actual drive and a goal, even if it is futile. I don't want to give ~spoilers~ so I'll leave it at that lol.

Check out this amazing Rei cosplayer!

There are actually a ton of versions of Rei, though (clone, lol), so maybe that's why she ends up being best girl for so many people!

Which Rei do you like best?

@CaseGoede I agree with you
@ZacharyStewart @CaseGoede I can definitely understand the original Asuka appeal XD
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