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this is incredibly dark af but oh my god I cannot stop laughing personally myself I am a crazy girlfriend I can't help it like look at my man & I will punch you lolol I wonder do you guys like crazy girlfriends? I know some dudes find it hot like my boyfriend does but I think sometimes I go overboard lol
@BeannachtOraibh they killed Ken???? You bastards!!! (馃榿)
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Omygosh, Ken's head is in there too! 馃槰馃槺
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Hahaha. This is pretty hilarious @sofetchliz. It is super dark lol but idk, I think some guys like crazy jealous girls and some don't. I try not to be too jealous because I want my guy to know I trust him 馃榿馃榿
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hahahaha Oh man yeah I'm not this way, but I know some friends that are a little crazy like that (never real life though, lol)
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personally, I don't lol
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