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Answer 3.

What if Iron Man was a Woman on Earth 616?

I'm going to set the stage during the times of the Marvel Civil War. Now this piticula sitituation Is amazing because I'm crossing over to team Stark to tell the tale of IRON WOMAN!
The beginning After the death of hundreds of innocent civilians caught in a battle between the New Warriors and Nitro, the government passes into law the Super Human Registration Act - thus sparking the first ever super hero civil war! With every hero rallying behind either Iron Man's pro-registration forces or Captain America's opposition, brothers-in-arms become sworn enemies!
The two comrades went their own way and had their own ideals about the registration act. The divide between to of the mega giants can cataclysmic. Iron man has his team from the Avengers split between Captain America and himself. Let's just say it was an ugly divorce between the two.
Mister Fantastic the genius did some recon. He decided to look into different Earth's that were having the civil war and to see how it turned out. He saw a few for stark a few for Cap but... He found one world interesting.
Iron man as a female was married to Captain America. Her name was Natasha Stark. With all the love between Iron Woman and Captain America, there was no civil war and none of the tragic events happened.
So if Iron man was an woman... Things would have went smooth for the, 50 state initiative.
hahahaha! I love it. So all Tony needs to do is make out with Steve and that's it, that's the solution. XD headcanon accepted
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ yup, no one dies. Everyone is happy lol