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NamjoonXReader Genre: Fluff/Angst
Because Im still in love with you. You mumbled, staring up and straight into his eyes. He froze at your words. What? He questioned with disbelief, but you just giggle. You stood up with a serious expression and glared at him. I said I love you! Kim Namjoon! You yelled in his ear, Jeez, listen to a girl when she is telling you she loves you. This is why we broke up. Y/N. He whispered, leaning towards you. You close your eyes tightly when you felt his soft lips against yours. Remembering this familiar warmth, you welcomed it by pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. He mindlessly wrapped his arms around your waist to pull you closer to him until there was no more space left between you. Even though you were drunk (though you wouldnt admit it) you knew right and wrong when you realized you were kissing him, you pushed him off. No! I cant, not after what happened. You replied, tears running down your face. I may love you but I know you dont love me anymore. What are you talking about? I love you so much it hurts. He finally admitted, The only reason I ended our relationship was because you didnt trust me anymore! Youre the one who accused me of cheating when I was clearly too busy with my schedule. Yeah, I know you were busy with your schedule but it doesnt hurt to call or at least send one little text. You yelled back. Dont you know how many nights Ive stayed up for you, waiting for the promise you never for filled?
I know, Im wrong on my part but you shouldnt have doubted me. He replied, placing his hand on your face to wipe off the tears. Dont you know how much I still love you? You know the song that I had so much trouble with writing? I was able finish the song today after running into you. I didnt realize until now that this song expressing my feelings I have for you and I think its time it came out. You were surprised when he started to sing. It was rare for him to sing. He usually raps, but you knew he wasnt a terrible singer. His voice might not be as smooth as Jungkooks or as high as Jimins but it was soft, gentle, and had his only unique tone to it. It made your face red, and your heart flutter. Especially knowing that he wrote those lyrics for you, you would able to understand how he felt, better than any words could explain. You were so drowned in the song you didnt even realize when it ended. You closed your eyes and he was confused between weather you were sleeping or listening to his song. You wrapped your arms around him pulling him into a tight hug. Namjoon… You whispered in his ear. Im sorry. Alright, lets get you home. He smiled, picking you up and placing you gently in his car. When he got to your apartment, he wondered if the password to your door was the same. He was right. You didnt change your password from 2 years ago. He walked towards your bedroom, only to have your leg push half the things off the counter when he closed the door. He sighed and carefully made his way to your bed trying not to hurt you or destroy anything else in your apartment. He quickly changed your clothes to your Pajamas, hoping you wouldnt mind. But then again what hasnt he seen? Lastly, he tucked you under your cozy blankets. Sleep tight. He whispered, giving you another smile before placing a kiss on your forehead. No, dont go. You whined, reaching out for him. Stay here. He chuckled at how cute you were and agreed to stay by your side. You smiled and patted his head before falling asleep. He thought that everything would be fixed and that the relationship between you two have cleared and that you could start over, but little did he know that the next morning…
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What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" what happens next I'm so curious of what's going to happen next I wanna know 😫😫😆😆😆😆 why did you have to end it there noe I'm going to be thinking about this the whole day today and it's only 3am so I got a long day to think about this lol please tag me on the next update please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💚💚💚💜💜💜💜
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