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JiminXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst/Smut
By the end of the school day, it started raining. You looked outside and frowned. It was so nice out… 
Someone tapped on the edge of your desk and you looked up. Your eyes met up with Jimin, Hey he said calmly. The rest of the class was staring at the two of you in silence. They wondered what was going on between the both of you. The popular guy talking to the lonely girl that sits at the back of the room? They all thought he was just trying to get a hookup with you. 
Ready to go? he asks. 
You could hear whispers among the other students 
whats going on?
Who is he talking to? 
Are they going out?
Someone walked into the silent class. Everyone turning their heads to see who it was, Jiminie~ 
It was the same voice you heard from the phone earlier. You looked at the girl, So this is his girlfriend? You could tell it was her. She really was beautiful. She had long hair that was in perfect curls. She was very curvy and all the boys eyed her from down the hall. But, just by looking at her, you could tell she was all looks and no brains from how Jimin put it.
She hooked her arm onto Jimins and gave a little tug. She turned Jimins head towards her and kissed him. A little too much tongue showing. You could tell the disgusted look on Jimins face as he eyed you. You could basically read his mind, help me 
You quickly got up and she looked at you with devilish eyes, Who are you? Why are you talking to My Jiminie she emphasized on the word my as she pulled him closer, his arm pressed against her chest. 
For your information, He was the one that came to talk to me. So you can shut your mouth Jimin smiled at you. He didnt think someone that looked as, simple, as you, could have such an attitude.
The girl looked at you with disbelief. You quickly tug on Jimins hand and pull him away from her restrains, Lets go you dragged him along with you, out of the classroom, y-y/n hold on You ignored him until you got to the main entrance of the school. He forcefully stopped you, Hold on there baby girl, I cant walk that fast 
You cringed at the pet name he gave you. Even though on the inside, you kind of liked it. A mischievous grin grew on his face, What? 
You seem to really like holding my hand You looked down to see that they were magically intertwined. You quickly let go, I do not. You turn the other way 
You know y/n, you can be really cute sometimes he smiled, you blushed at his words, trying to ignore him. 
The both of you jumped into the car. You sat there for a while, Thanks for helping me out he says
No problem. I actually liked it. I havent been sassy for the whole semester. It feels nice you say as you stretch. He laughed at your comment, Cool cool. You really saved my butt out there 
You bet your ass I did The both of you laughed at the others cheeky words. 
What do you think will happen now? you ask him curiously
Well… Im hoping I can finally break up with her. Like, no offence or anything, but shes so clingy 
You chuckled, I noticed. Especially the way she gripped on to you as if you were her life support. The girls got some big ones. I gotta give her that 
He laughed as he started the car, You know he drove out of the parking lot, This is really nice
What is?
Talking with you. Like, actually conversing with you. Youre actually a really cool person. Youre totally my type he smiled. You blushed, wait. I did not just say that he thought to himself, I-I mean like, Y-Youre a really cool person and youre really funny. Unlike the other girls, you actually dont mind dirty jokes. Its nice to be able to talk like this. Ive never been so close with a girl before…
R-really now? you manage to say, Park Jimin, the schools most popular playboy has never been close to a girl before? Unbelievable you say sarcastically. He playfully punched your arm, Yah! Thats not what I meant. If youre playing it that way, then the closest Ive been to a girl is when were playing out her kinks and she moans-
You shush him and chuckle, I dont want to hear your sexual fantasies, Jimin
Hey, its not a fantasy! I could show you if you want-
Ha. Real funny. But Im gonna have to decline 
Are you sure? He smiles, This is a onetime chance 
Very. The only thing that I need right now is for you to help me when your you raise your hands and do quotations, Girlfriend you put your hands back down, Comes to yell at me for being rude to her you joked. He laughed, Of course baby girl. Ill protect you
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