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K-pop Vs American Pop: Is it the same or is it different?

In the modern day and age in society certain people have discovered new different tastes in music from time to time with modern technology which you can watch videos, listen to your favorite bands and follow your favorite Idols on some sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Korean pop or K-pop is getting more popular in the United States than regular American Pop music. It makes me wonder how Korean pop music and American pop music how it can be the same or slightly different from each other by how big are the fan base, the subject matter itself , the live performances like in the award shows or live concerts and how completely diverse are they in the music.
So let us start with how big are the fan-bases between those two. Though the two genres of music are different the fan base is actually popular while people can follow them by using social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook while there are some other sites like weiibo-the Asian version of Facebook, naver, kakao talk and line. Mostly the difference between how celebs treat their fans is how the American Singers…not all of them but mostly a few tend to see their fans as cash cows and only think that they don’t actually care enough for their fans in the U.S but in South Korea even if their international fans aren't there they will give the time out of their days to seen loving letters or kind video messages to see that we love them and wanted to give back, along with making songs about the fans in general.
I bet you're wondering how Korean Music is different than ours well I can tell you in a few couple of words. It can be really catchy to listen to! Like for example if you listen to Psy's new song Daddy knowing that it can be repetitive but the song its self is catchy with the beats and the lyrics alone. For American pop music the beat can tend to be very catchy but also can have slightly explicit meanings sex, drugs, money and others that may be a bit worrisome for the parents when they will look into their child’s iPod or MP3 player. Also I did notice that in America their singers/artists usually focus on their music but over in South Korea they focus on the music along with dance performances to keep the audience entertained. Plus there are some rare times that Korean idols will do English covers of American Songs.
Music Videos play a huge role with both American music and Korean pop music since they display a message behind both the song and the visual of the topic. In GOT7’s “Just Right” music video it portrays a message that you look right just the way you are and don’t try to change a thing about you. The visuals in their music videos can tend to be breath taking like in Taeyeon’s “I” with a drone shot above a sunset or very zany with Orange Caramel’s song “Catallena” which showed a sushi shop, people dressed up as sushi and three girls were mermaids at the end. In American Music videos can portray messages with Macklemore’s “Same Love” that is about having the right of same sex marriages,
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@CreeTheOtaku Oh I see, it looks like you rushed or you couldn't get your thoughts together
@CreeTheOtaku are you in high school college? if you really want me to edit it you could email it to me. I will send you my email through line if you wish. I could look at it with my English major...English teacher eyes lol
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@CreeTheOtaku @CreeTheOtaku comment will be on the essay not on the subject. to make better.. first of all you have established good ideas about what you want to express. .I have to read some sentence twice. that only means sentence structure. the intro needs a concrete thesis statement pointing out the main points you will develop and talk about throughout the essay. Since you are talking about their differences, I suggest talk about one subject difference first with all your examples and evidence to back up and then bring up the other one doing the same.. is more organized and the reader will read it smoothly.. finalizing it of course with a conclusion about both topics your thoughts or your reflection about.... aah!..don't hate me ok.. lol this is constructive feedback..think I am your Literacy
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