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Yes, i know i took hella long to post this. But everything I do has a purpose. Or at least most of it. As you know, the 18th is Hobie's b-day, and according to my results in this game, he was the "Winner" of the day. So I wanted to make it a double purpose card: A result card. And a Happy Birthday Hoseok card. I know it's early, but i have something else in process for the actual date. With no more delay... ENJOY IT!
Finally! After a long month of begging, crying, and basically humiliating ourselves, Suga and RapMon finally agreed to go to the carnival with us. It took Me, Hoseok, and the maknae line one month of following both of them around squealing non-stop "Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease" behind them. Sometimes we would kneel in front of the door and cry for hours. Eventually they gave up, and now we were getting ready to leave the dorm and have some fun. I didn't want to tell anyone, but today wasn't just carnival day, it was Hoseok's birthday, and Jin and i had prepared something special for him.
Holds my hand while walking: Suga. Ever since we left my apartment, Yoongi was the one holding my hand and acted as if he didn't notice. If I tried to let go of his hand, he would lock our fingers and pull me closer to him. Not that I complain, but it was weird since he was always so cool and serious and kind of the lone wolf of the group. Having him doing that to me and blushing furiously when i looked at him made me feel so special. I liked him, i actually had a crush on all of them, But who wouldn't?! They all were so nice, and funny, and talented. If one of them ever purposed to me, i would marry him in the spot. When we finally arrived to the venue, Jin immediately went to buy all of us the "All access" wrist bands so we could enjoy the whole park without spending too much money. When i was about to get mine, i expected Yoongi to let go of my hand, but instead, he snatched it out of Jin's hand and put it on my wrist. Without letting my hand go. We walked around the place admiring the colors, the sounds, the smells... It was awesome! Until we got to the Haunted house. "I want to go in." I said looking at the guys. Only one accepted.
Went into the Haunted house with me and hugged me the whole time: Jungkook. "I'll go with you, noona!" he took my forearm and dragged me inside the rusty abandoned building. The tour was actually pretty scary, there were no lights along the way, we only were given an old fashioned lamp, a map, and the typically spooky warning of "beware of your step." What caught my attention was the fact that Jungkook, who was normally brave and bold, couldn't let me go. He spent the whole way hugging me and saying stuff like "Noona, I'm scared!" "You're acting like a kid." i told him handing over the lamp to him. "Here, guide us." He smirked at me and i had to pull myself together really tightly to avoid melting there. Kookie put his arm around my shoulders and guided both of us safely outside. "Well that was fun. " I said while we walked back to the group. As we all walked around, looking for something else to do, i saw a man selling cotton candy.
Shared cotton candy with: Jimin. I was about to pay for my candy, when i saw Jimin paying for it. "You know I had the money, right?" i asked half flattered, half-whyareyoutryingtokillmewithyourcutenss?!- "Yes i know, but i wanted to buy it for you." "Why?" "So i can do this." He held my wrist and brought the small pinch of cotton candy i had in my fingers to his mouth, he took it in along with my index and licked the tip before taking it out. I swear that was the hottest thing i had seen him do in a long time!! "What else?!" I yelled turning at the other members trying to keep myself focused on having fun.
Won a big Teddy bear for me: V Taehyung pointed at a stand with huge plushy, stuffed animals and dragged me there by the hand. It was one of those typical shoot at the space ship and win a prize things. He missed the first time, and the second time, and while he kept trying Jimin and i finished the cotton candy. Until he finally made it and won a really big Teddy bear with panda fur. "Here, for you." he said shyly handing the oversized animal to me. "Are you sure, Tae?" I was taken aback, since I was certain that he would take the plushy home for his little siblings. Tae just nodded looking down with a lovely blush on his cheeks. He was so cute!! I took the panda from him and hugged it feeling the soft fabric. "Thank you."
Took couple selcas with me: Jin. I was so into the panda's fur, that i didn't notice when the group started walking again, and this time the one left with me was Jin. "You wanna do something less agitating?" He asked with a lovely smile when noticed that i was getting tired of walking. "Yes please." I replied looking for a bench to sit. "Oh, look! A photo Booth! We can take some pictures while you sit down and rest." The idea sounded great, so i followed him into the little booth, and he made me do cute stuff like pretending to kiss his cheek, which I adored, or hug me from behind while I hugged the panda. You know, couple stuff like that. "We look good." he said happily. It was getting late, but the guys insisted on the last ride, the Ferris wheel.
Swiftly gave me a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel: Rap Monster. While standing in the line for the ride, i could notice that the people was being put into pairs for the little baskets. When my turn came, i was put in one with Namjoon. The way up was nice, we talked about the new songs he and Yoongi were producing and even showed me the lyrics for the love song that Hoseok wrote. "It's beautiful! " i claimed not being able to pull my eyes apart from his phone. "Not better than that. " he took my chin with his fingers and made me look at the astonishing view around us. I just could gasp in surprise putting my hands over my mouth. I felt a quick, soft peck on my cheek. Namjoon had kissed me! I don't know what was more breathtaking, but i stopped breathing for good 10 seconds. The basket went down and we met with the other guys just to agree on the fact that it was getting really late and all of us had work in the morning. So I bid them farewell, but they still insisted that Hoseok took me home so I wouldn't have to walk alone at night.
Walked me home and gave me a good bye kiss: J-Hope. The walk home was really funny, he kept talking about all the embarrassing and funny things they do while I was not with them, and several times I had to tell him to stop so i could breathe, or else, the laugh would kill me. When we arrived to my apartment, i was about to say good bye and get inside, but he grabbed my forearm. "Wait, i need to tell you something. " He seemed really nervous and anxious. I turned around looking at him with curiosity. "What is it? You know you can tell me anything, Hoseok." "I, i know that you are older than me, and probably still see me as a kid. But, noona, i like you. I like you a lot. Will you be my girlfriend? " I was dumbfounded. Did I listen right?! Girlfriend?! "Yes!" i said way louder than I expected. "I thought all the charades wouldn't work." "Charades? You mean the guys weren't flirting with you? " Now he was the dumbfounded one. "No silly, i asked them to do it so you would get Jelly and confess to me soon. " For a moment I thought the game had been too much for him and i had lost him forever but his smile appeared and it was brighter than ever. He laughed happily and lifted me up spinning around like he just won a prize or something. The panda, obviously, landed on the grass. Then he brought me back down and hugged me tight kissing my lips. "This is the best birthday ever. I love you, jagi" "I love you too Hobie. Wanna come inside and watch a movie? " "Can i cuddle you up? " "Sure." "Let's go then." "Wait, "i went to pick the panda up. "Tae wouldn't forgive me if I don't get this back to him. " We went inside the building and into my apartment to have our own private Birthday party.
I hope you liked it. :) Although it was for Hobie i shall admit it hurt to make the other guys do that just to make him jealous. Ugh, curse you bias struggle!! Let me pick one!! Thanks to @thePinkPrincess for the game.