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It's Feel Good Friday! Our lovely Feels Leader @VoidX set up today's theme: Feel Good Quotes! And thankfully, I have the perfect thing...
Earlier this week, I came across this quote from Fate/kaleid liner Prisma鈽咺llya, and I couldn't help but be totally inspired by it.

It goes like this: "Everyone plays the main character in their own lives."

It's easy to forget that you are someone special & that you deserve to lead your own life, as you want to lead it! I think this quote really encourages us to hold onto that feeling and to BE the main character. It isn't enough to be a passive MC....you need to take charge! Be a strong MC and change you life into what you want it to be!
Sure, you'll have your friendly Nakama & best girls/guys being your support, but we all know that anime with a strong MC that grows is the most interesting kind! Life's sort of the same way :) We all have to be our own MCs, and then play the supporting characters in our friends lives.

Together, we can do anything!!! <3

@hikaymm I love that quote it reminds me of another quote. "We are the heros of our own stories" I think it really ties ij with your quote and says hey, we all have the power to change our own lives and make a difference in it!
im not gonna lie i really needed to hear that this helped me a lot thank you for posting this
I love that quote!
@JosiahQuick @CraigNess @tbell2 yes yes and yesssss 鈾♀櫋
there is the same quote in Negima